Reviews and Press Packet


“The Art of Spying explores more than just the characters, [such as a special emphasis on Snape as a double agent]. What really makes this worth reading is the detail into the actual world of Harry Potter. The Aurors, the Dementors, the Ministry itself, etc. all have a role to play. Each agency has its own rich history, and it is certainly refreshing to see a companion book that delves deeper into the witching well. Included in the pages are expansive glossaries, annotations, and appendixes that are worth looking to for further information. The text itself is very easy to read and it is written in a clear, concise manner.” – Review from

“Harry Potter and the Art of Spying is a treasure trove of information for Potter theorists. Whether you’re new to Harry’s world or a Potter purist, this book will open your eyes to hidden clues and unlock secrets you may have missed. A truly great addition to the Potter universe!” – Aimee Krenz, MuggleNet Source Editor


“No reader could hope for a more comprehensive book connecting Harry’s story to the real-life lessons of spycraft.”

– David Colbert, Author of The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter

Brilliantly conceived, thoughtful and carefully developed, and an entertaining yet informative way to revisit our favorites from another point of view!!! Even though this is “unauthorized” I am quite sure that JKR will approve heartily!!!

-Bonnie Humphrey, Goodreads

“A fun and fascinating read for wizards and Muggles alike!”

-Laura Moss, Author of The Unofficial Harry Potter Insults Handbook

“An entertaining introduction into the world of spying…perfect for aspiring covert agents of all ages.”

– Keith Melton, Intelligence Tradecraft Historian, Coauthor of Spycraft: The Secret History of the CIA’s spytechs, from Communism to Al-Quaeda. 

“A fascinating way to explore the Harry Potter books! Who would’ve thought that the Harry Potter books were filled with so many references to spying? Using book 5 as a guide, the Harry Potter and the Art of Spying authors discuss every aspect of spy craft from the obvious to the unexpected.

– Steve Vander Ark, Author of The Lexicon: An Unofficial Guide to Harry Potter Fiction and Related Materials and founder of The Harry Potter Lexicon.

Press Kit

You’ve already found reviews, author bios, Rita Skeeter interviews of the author, and much more on this site, but if you’re dying for more information feel free to download our press kit! You’ll find a Q&A with the authors and plenty of other surprising tidbits!

Press Kit. HARRY POTTER and the ART of SPYING. 7-1-14

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