The Spy Trivia Case File

Top Secret Case File

Harry Potter Spy Trivia

Where to Find the Answers

for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

For those die-hard potterphiles out there we have put together a comprehensive list of spy trivia with hints to where you can find the answers. New trivia will still be posted every Monday and answers will be posted each Tuesday. Think of this as your official case file — it will tell you where to begin your investigation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

  1. Name the squib assigned as a sleeper agent to look after Harry when he was at the Dursley’s house over the summer.  OP 20
  2. Name two open-source mediums Harry uses in the summer between his fourth and fifth year at Hogwarts to determine if Sirius Black has been captured.  OP 2, 8
  3. Who was assigned to watch over Harry at the beginning of book 5 but left his post because of a “very good business opportunity”?  OP 23
  4. Name the special communication device that is on Harry at all times.  OP 380
  5. What is it that makes number four, Privet Drive a safe house for Harry?  OP 836
  6. What was the cover story the Dursley told Harry as to how his parents had died?  SS 20
  7. What is the name of the school that Harry supposedly attended, used as a cover story by the Dursley’s for their neighbors?  OP 11
  8. Name the “batty cat-loving old lady” who serves as a mole or sleeper agent for Dumbledore.  OP 2, 19
  9. What is the name of the security squad that comes to take Harry away from Privet Drive after being attacked by the dementors?        OP 42
  10. Before Harry is taken from the Dursley’s in book 5 he is asked a security question to make sure he is the real Harry Potter – what was he asked?  OP 45
  11. Tonks used disinformation to get the Dursley’s to leave their home on the evening that Harry is rescued from the home. What did the Dursleys think they were leaving for?  OP 48
  12. Before the security detail takes Harry away, they await an all-clear signal.  What was the signal?  OP 49, 55
  13. Who is the leader of the security detail that exfiltrates Harry from the Dursley’s?  OP 55
  14. What does the leader of the security detail rescuing Harry from the Dursley’s have everyone do on the journey on their brooms to make sure they aren’t being followed? OP 56
  15. What “eyes-only” document does Harry read before first entering headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix?  OP 58
  16. Provide the address of the Order of the Phoenix safe house.  OP 58
  17. Name the device invented by the Weasley twins to listen in on conversations.  OP 67
  18. What counter-measure is used by Mrs. Weasley to prevent her twin boys from listening with their listening device?  OP 69
  19. What does Ginny Weasley use to determine if Mrs. Weasley’s counter-measure is being used? OP 69
  20. Which member of the Weasley family in the fifth book totally accepts the Ministry of Magic’s party line?  OP 72
  21. What publication spent the whole summer before Harry’s fifth year publishing a disinformation campaign against Harry?  OP 73-74
  22. When one attacks a person instead of his or ideas, it is called what fallacy?  OP 74
  23. When Harry and his friends first enter the kitchen at headquarters, a classified document has not yet been put away.  What was it?  OP 80
  24. Sirius, when discussing why a certain member of the Order is tolerated, states that crooks “hear things we don’t.”  Who is Sirius referring to?      OP 86-87
  25. What secret organization was brought back into existence within an hour of Voldemort’s return?  OP 67
  26. What publication does the Ministry of Magic use in book 5 to distribute its propaganda?  OP 94
  27. Members of the Order of the Phoenix provided a psychological assessment of someone as having petty jealousies, a fear of Dumbledore, and a desire to retain power.  Who are they talking about?  OP 93
  28. Spies use manipulation and flattery to get what they want.  Who said in the Chamber of Secrets, “I’ve always been able to charm the people I needed.”        CS 310
  29. Name the double agent that works at the Ministry of Magic, is assigned to locate Sirius Black, and is actually a member of the Order of the Phoenix?  OP 131-32
  30. Kreacher is a known risk but must follow Sirius’s orders to the letter.  What does Sirius say to Kreacher that allows him to partake on a secret mission?  OP 110
  31. Code-Breaking Time:  What number does Mr. Weasley have Harry enter into the phone box at the visitor’s entrance?  And what English word does it spell out?  OP 125
  32. Harry shows a spy’s discretion when he is at Mr. Weasley’s office and pretends not to know which member of the Order?  OP 131
  33. Cornelius Fudge used what simple disinformation to try to ensure that Dumbledore didn’t attend Harry’s trial?  OP 134, 139
  34. When Harry walks into the courtroom he immediately recognizes it from the prior use of what intelligence tool that Dumbledore uses often?        OP 137
  35. The hearing was supposed to be in front of only the administrative person in charge of improper use of magic by minors, but through the use of politics two other hearing officers were added.  Name them.  OP 138-39
  36. At the beginning of the trial who uses interrogation techniques on Harry to get him to admit to all the essential elements of the crime?  OP 140-41
  37. Who attempts to help Harry during the trial by asking a friendly question, “You produced a fully-fledged Patronus?”   OP 141
  38. At Harry’s trial we find out that the Ministry of Magic has used surveillance and has “always closely monitored” Privet drive, and yet there was one witch who lived nearby the Ministry did not know about.  Name that person.  OP 143
  39. After the trial Harry notices someone talking to the Minister of Magic.  Name this secret agent of Voldemort.  OP 154
  40. Being a member of a subversive organization, such as the Order of the Phoenix, has risk, just like the risk inherent in spying.  Describe what Mrs. Weasley most fears, as shown by her encounter with a boggart.  OP 175-76
  41. When taking Harry to Hogwarts Express one of his Order of the Phoenix members escorts is missing.  Who? And why was he missing?  OP 181
  42. When they get on the train, who does Harry observe reading a magazine upside-down?  OP 185
  43. What is the name of the magazine?  OP 185
  44. When Malfoy tells Harry that he will be “dogging” him, what does Harry the intelligence analyst conclude?  OP 194
  45. The Sorting Hat provides historic analysis, and warns the school about what?    OP 207
  46. The Sorting Hat picks up valuable information due to where it normally is located.  Where is that?  OP 209
  47. Hermione as an intelligence agent properly interprets Professor Umbridge’s speech.  What does she conclude? OP 214
  48. Even though the Daily Prophet is saying terrible things about Harry, Hermione continues to subscribe to it.  Why?  OP 225
  49. When the Weasley twins talk about their joke shop, Harry changes the subject to steer aware from “dangerous waters.”  What fact was he hiding?  OP 227-28
  50. Professor McGonagall says “You know where she comes from, you must know to whom she is reporting” about whom?  OP 248
  51. Harry’s punishment imposed by Professor Umbridge is considered by Ron and Hermione as a form of what?    OP 272-73
  52. Many people do not believe Voldemort is back because this fact is based on the credibility of only one person.  Who is that person?  OP 251
  53. Who does Hermione claims is there “to spy on us all”?  OP 252
  54. When Draco makes a reference to Hagrid messing around with something that is too big for him, how do Harry and his friends analyze this statement?  OP 260
  55. When Harry decides to write Sirius a letter in open-code, what name does he use instead of Sirius?  OP 280
  56. Why was it necessary for Harry to use a code when writing to Sirius?  OP 278, 280
  57. Harry tells Sirius that someone new at Hogwarts is “nearly as nice as his mum.”  To whom is he referring?  OP 280
  58. When Harry writes that “we are missing our biggest friend” to whom is he referring?  OP 280
  59. The Daily Prophet informs its readers that Order member Sturgis Podmore had been arrested.  What for?  OP 287-88
  60. Percy’s letter to Ron telling him not to be friends with Harry includes some inside information about Dumbledore.  What is it?  OP 297-98
  61. Percy’s letter to Ron also repeats the “party line” about Harry.  What is the party line?  OP 297
  62. When Harry talks to Sirius in the fire the first time, he tells them that Fudge is paranoid and thinks Dumbledore is doing what?  OP 303
  63. For the first part of book 5, Hagrid is in deep cover and incommunicado.  What is he doing?  OP 424-25
  64. In order to maintain more control over the school and create a climate of fear, what position is created for Umbridge?  OP 306
  65. The Ministry issues what type of legal document to change the rules and give Umbridge more power?  OP 307
  66. The Daily Prophet provides what propaganda about Delores Umbridge?  OP 307
  67. What parent is quoted in the Daily Prophet article for corroboration of the value of having Umbridge at Hogwarts?  OP 307-08
  68. When examining the professors, which one predicts that Umbridge is in grave danger?  OP 315
  69. Who comes up with the idea of having Harry covertly teach his classmate Defense Against the Dark Arts?  OP 325
  70. Hermione sets up a “secret” meeting to talk about Harry teaching the students at what location?  OP 335
  71. Filch uses a pretext to try to intercept Harry’s owl before he sends his letter to Sirius.  Why?  OP 334
  72. Looking around at their meeting place in Hogsmeade the kids notice a person who is hidden behind a veil.  Who is that person?  OP 370
  73. In the process of recruiting the students, they discuss Harry’s past actions.  What do they talk about?  OP 342
  74. There is another person who is heavily bandaged that ends up being the person who tells Umbridge about the meeting.  Who is this person?  OP 613
  75. Someone asks Harry about his ability to produce a Patronus.  Who is this student, and how did she get this information?  OP 341-42
  76. What document is created at the end of the meeting that is considered classified and not to be disclosed to anyone?     OP 346-47
  77. What name do the students choose for this subversive organization?  OP 343-45
  78. In order to not look too suspicious, the kids leave the meeting in what manner?  OP 347
  79. Educational Decree No. 24 related to meetings and gatherings of students.  Why was it passed?      OP 352
  80. At first the members of Dumbledore’s Army think they have a spy in their midst, but Hermione knows it’s not true because of what countermeasure she used?  OP 354
  81. When Hedwig returns with a message from Sirius, something has happened to him.  What does intelligent analyst Harry conclude?  OP 356-57
  82. What open-code message did Harry receive from Sirius, and what did in mean?  OP 359
  83. Sirius tells Harry that the Hog’s Head was not a secure meeting place for the students.  Where should they have met, and why?  OP 369-70
  84. What is one of the places considered for the DA to meet that is rejected while talking to Sirius?    OP 372
  85. Sirius has to leave the fire because his cover is blown.  How do we know this?  OP 373
  86. In deciding whether to continue with the DA meetings, Hermione conducts a risk analysis and questions about whether they should continue.  Why?  OP 377-78
  87. Who helps Harry discover a secure meeting place for the DA that will fit their requirements?  OP 386
  88. What does Dobby tell Harry about the Room of Requirement?  OP 386-87
  89. The Room of Requirement has a second name that is used.  What is it?    OP 386
  90. The Room of Requirement is on what floor, and behind what tapestry?  OP 389
  91. Harry recalls that Dumbledore had previously mentioned the Room of Requirement when the headmaster needed something.  What did he need?  GF 417-18, OP 388
  92. Why does Hermione, in conducting a risk assessment, decide that the Room of Requirement might be a good idea?  OP 388
  93. What famous map does Harry use to make sure “the coast is clear” before entering the Room of Requirement?  OP 389
  94. What do the kids find inside the Room of Requirement that the DA will need?  OP 390-91
  95. The Room of Requirement has several instruments used for a counter-surveillance.  What are they?  OP 391
  96. In deciding a name for the group, Cho first suggests what name with the letters DA?  OP 392
  97. That name is rejected because it implies what they are doing.  Who suggests Dumbledore’s Army?  OP 392
  98. Why do the students decide on Dumbledore’s Army as the name?  OP 392
  99. Harry decides to start the DA training by working on one basic spell.  What is it?  OP 392
  100. Which student thinks the spell is too simple, until he is told Harry has used it against Voldemort?  392
  101. What does Cho tell Harry about Marietta that makes him wonder if she is a security risk?    OP 395
  102. What device does Hermione come up with to use for Harry to communicate to all the DA members about meeting times?  OP 398
  103. Hermione’s idea about the fake Galleon reminds Harry of what Death Eater communication method?  OP 399
  104. What do the Slytherins use at the Quidditch match to conduct psychological operations against Ron?          OP 407
  105. How does Malfoy bait his opponents at the conclusion of the match against Gryffindor?  OP 412-13
  106. Gryffindor’s win at the Quidditch match is a Pyrrhic victory.  How so?  OP 416
  107. An injured Hagrid returns from his “top secret” mission which he refuses to discuss, but Hermione has already guessed what he was doing.  What does she ask him?        OP 422
  108. According to Hagrid, who is under surveillance by the Ministry of Magic?  OP 425
  109. Who was on the secret mission with Hagrid?  OP 424
  110. Hagrid and his partner were being followed by agents from the Ministry.  They gave them “the slip” around what town?  OP 426
  111. What intelligence officer told Hagrid where to find the giants?  OP 425
  112. What steps did Hagrid initially take to recruit the giants?  OP 428-29
  113. Hagrid tries to recruit the giants on their side.  What was the leader’s name or title?  OP 427
  114. Who shows up and ruins their plan?  OP 431
  115. Who shows up at Hagrid’s door as the he is telling the kids about his secret mission?  OP 434
  116. Hagrid provides a very weak cover story.   What is it?  OP 437
  117. Now that Hagrid is back, in his first lesson he “shows” the kids what creature?  OP 446
  118. Where is Sirius laying low, in deep cover?  OP 452
  119. As before when they left the Hog’s Head, how do the students leave the DA meetings to prevent discovery?          OP 455
  120. At the end of one meeting, Harry uses a pretext to hung around and visit with Cho.  What is this pretext?  OP 455
  121. When telling Ron and Hermione about Cho’s “wet” kiss, he says she was crying.  Describe Hermione’s psychological assessment of Cho.  OP 459
  122. Thanks to his unique connection to Voldemort, Harry is able to secretly observe something in his dream.  What does he see?  OP 462-463
  123. What is the snake’s name?  GF 7
  124. Dumbledore acts as an intelligence analyst and interrogates Harry about what he saw and what was his perspective, and determines what?  OP 468
  125. What unique form of communication does Dumbledore use in his office to find the injured Mr. Weasley?  OP 468-69
  126. Once Mr. Weasley is at St. Mungo’s, he makes a decision to protect his sources and methods.  What is that decision?  OP 472-74
  127. Who and what are the source and method Dumbledore is protecting?  OP 476-77
  128. Dumbledore stations a guard outside his door to provide a warning if anyone comes (Umbridge).  Who does he use?  OP 470
  129. Dumbledore uses an instrument that exudes smoke in the form of a snake and says, “But in essence divided?”  What has he just concluded?
  130. In order to keep the situation secret, Dumbledore uses a Portkey to send all of the Weasleys and Harry where?  OP 473
  131. When the Weasleys and Harry go to visit Mr. Weasley at St. Mungo’s, they use disguises to look like what?  OP 481
  132. The entrance to St. Mungo’s is camouflaged to look like what?  OP 483
  133. What is the name of the healer and later headmistress of Hogwarts, whose portrait is at both places?  OP 485
  134. Why isn’t the attack on Mr. Weasley reported in the Daily Prophet?  OP 489
  135. Fred and George explain to their father, “You were guarding it, weren’t you?”  What do they think he was guarding?  OP 490
  136. Upon returning to Grimmauld Place, Harry is convinced he is a danger to the others.  Why is he a danger?  OP 492
  137. Name the person who had previously been possessed by Voldemort and was able to convince Harry that he is not being possessed?  OP 499-500
  138. Whose Headmaster portrait is in Harry’s room at Grimmauld Place and is able to keep tabs on Harry?  OP 497
  139. Kreacher keeps a framed photo of his favorite person in his hovel.  Whose picture?  OP 504
  140. What is St. Mungo’s full name?  OP 466
  141. Who transports the Weasleys and Harry to St. Mungo’s on Christmas day, probably in a stolen Muggle car?  OP 505
  142. When the Weasleys begin arguing about using human stiches, the children decide to go to the tea room.  Who demonstrates his powers of observation by knowing what floor it is on?  OP 508
  143. Name two adults and one fellow student that the children run into at St. Mungo’s.  OP 509, 512
  144. While in the locked ward, the children observe the nurse delivering a plant to a patient.  Who is the patient?          OP 512
  145. What eventually happens to Broderick?  OP 546
  146. What is the name of the ability to tell what people are thinking?       OP 518
  147. What is the name of the countermeasure to prevent someone “reading minds”?   OP 530
  148. Harry is given a cover story for why he is having lessons with Professor Snape.  What is that cover story?  OP 519
  149. As Harry leaves Grimmauld Place to return to Hogwarts after Christmas break, Sirius gives him a special communication device.  What is it?  OP 523, 857
  150. What is the mode of transportation back to Hogwarts after Christmas break?  OP 524
  151. Who is the driver (who is later arrested by the Ministry on trumped up charges)?  OP 524
  152. Dumbledore realizes through his double agent that Voldemort perceived Harry’s intrusion into his mind when he was possessing the snake.  What countermeasure does Dumbledore insist Harry learn to prevent Voldemort from turning Harry into a spy against him?  OP 531
  153. When Harry asks Snape how they know that Voldemort detected Harry, Snape applies the need-to-know rule against Harry, and tells him what?  OP 533
  154. Before their special lessons, Snape takes what and puts them away in a secure location?  OP 535
  155. When Snape is able to see Harry’s memories that he fears, Snape warns Harry about what?  OP 536
  156. During Harry’s lesson with Snape he is able to see further along the hallway of his dreams and recognizes where the hallway is located.  Which is where?  OP 537
  157. What is the name of the Weasley twins’ new invention that makes your head disappear?  OP 540
  158. Why should the Weasley twins be assigned to the CIA Science and Technology directorate?  OP 540
  159. Harry “feels” that Voldemort is very, very happy about something, which is front page the next day in the Daily Prophet.  What has happened?  OP 542, 543
  160. As Harry and Cho head for their Valentine’s date, Cho observes that unlike when Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban, something is missing.  What?  OP 558
  161. Being a good intelligence analyst, what does Harry conclude from this fact and from the escape itself?  OP 558
  162. In the same edition of the Daily Prophet, Hermione discovers that someone was killed by a deadly plant.  Who was killed and by what plant?       OP 546-47
  163. Harry had seen the plant but didn’t do anything.  Why not?  OP 547
  164. Hermione concludes what about the placement of Devil’s Snare next to Bode’s hospital bed?  OP 547
  165. What does Harry mention during his Valentine’s date with Cho that results in making the date go terribly wrong?       OP 560
  166. When Harry finally realizes why Cho is jealous of Hermione he fails to maintain his demeanor or apply situational awareness and laughs at the idea of him and Hermione as “an item.”  What does Cho do?  OP 562
  167. When Harry meets up with Hermione at the Three Broomsticks he first talks to a friend who has perhaps drank too much.  Who is it?  OP 563
  168. When Harry goes to sit down with Hermione, what other two people are with her, to Harry’s great surprise?  OP 564
  169. What time-tested spy method does Hermione use to get the former reporter to interview Harry?  OP 569
  170. Harry’s interview, which provides an alternative explanation to what the Ministry is saying, is published in what magazine?  OP 578-79
  171. What occurs that brings Professor Umbridge over to Harry’s table once the interview was published?  OP 580
  172. What does Professor’s Umbridge do once she sees the interview of Harry in the magazine?  OP 581
  173. What is the effect of Professor Umbridge’s rule relating to the interview of Harry?  OP 582
  174. We find out through a vision during Harry’s dream that someone had put an Imperius Curse on Bode in order to steal something out of the Department of Mysteries.  Who used the Imperius Curse on Bode?  OP 585
  175. Who had given Voldemort bad advice about how to get the item from the Department of Mysteries, and is tortured by Voldemort?  OP 585
  176. Why then was Bode murdered?  OP 585
  177. When Snape tells Harry, “Yes, Potter, that is my job,” Snape has actually just admitted to what?  OP 591
  178. Dumbledore replaces Trelawney with someone who in a way has defected from his prior people.  Who is it?  OP 598
  179. Who has inside information and warns Harry during a DA meeting that Umbridge is on her way to capture them?  OP 607-08
  180. Harry is ready to admit to Fudge that he had organized the DA when someone gives him a subtle signal to lie.  Who gave the signal?  OP 610-11
  181. When Harry admits to nothing, Umbridge brings in her own spy or informant.  Who?  OP 612
  182. When Marietta gets ready to tell Fudge the truth, she doesn’t.  Who applied a Memory Charm on Marietta?  OP 354
  183. Fudge has brought two “enforcers” with him to the meeting.  Who are they?  OP 610, 620
  184. When Marietta lies, what does Professor Umbridge do?  OP 616
  185. What document does Umbridge produce that “convicts” Harry?       OP 617
  186. Who takes the rap for Harry?  OP 618
  187. Who takes down Dumbledore’s confession?  OP 619
  188. Who wants to help Dumbledore fight the others against his arrest, but Dumbledore forbids it?  OP 620
  189. Dumbledore knocks out everyone except McGonagall and Harry.  He then covertly talks to them.  What does he tell Harry covertly?  OP 621-22
  190. When the others start to wake up, McGonagall and Harry do what?  621
  191. How does Dumbledore escape?  OP 622
  192. After Dumbledore leaves, what room is Headmistress Umbridge unable to enter?  OP 625
  193. In order to enforce her new rules and authority, Umbridge creates a new student organization.  What is its name?         OP 626
  194. When the Weasley twins tell Harry when they are going to do a little “mayhem,” what do they tell Harry to do?  OP 627
  195. When the mayhem begins, who serves as Harry’s alibi?  OP 631
  196. When in Umbridge’s office, the new Headmistress tries to get Harry to drink tea?  Why?  OP 630, 660, 744
  197. Right before drinking the tea, who does Harry think about?  OP 630
  198. Harry, like a good intelligence officer, pretends to drink, and when the Weasley diversion begins, he does what?  OP 631
  199. What was the mayhem caused by the Weasley twins?  OP 632
  200. During the next Occlumency lesson, Snape is called away – one of the Slytherins (Montague) had been thrown into a vanishing closet by the Weasley twins and has just re-surfaced.  Where was he found?  OP 638
  201. After doing a risk assessment as to how much time he has, what does Harry do?  OP 639-640
  202. Seeing Snape’s memories, Harry first sees a group of people taking which exam?  OP 640-41
  203. Next, down by the lake, Harry observes his father James playing with what?      OP 644
  204. Lily Evans tries to help Snape, and is called what by Snape as thanks?      OP 648
  205. After seeing Snape’s memories, Harry wants to talk to Sirius about it.  Who tells Harry, “anything is possible if you have enough nerve?”  OP 655
  206. Once the twins know what Harry wants to do, they happily agree to cause what?  OP 657
  207. Harry and the Weasley twins conduct operational planning as to their covert mission.  What is the plan?  OP 657-59
  208. Before “Operation Fireplace” can occur, Harry has to get some career advice from Professor McGonagall.  What career is Harry interested in?  op 662
  209. Harry uses what secret device to open Umbridge’s door?  OP 668
  210. Someone enters Umbridge’s office while Harry is there.  Who is it?  OP 673
  211. Harry escapes and goes to the diversion, where the Weasleys are trapped.  As the Weasleys escape on their brooms, they announce to the crowd what?  OP 675
  212. Hermione wonders how the twins got the money to open a shop, thinking the worst, so Harry tells.  Where did they get the money?  OP 680
  213. Hagrid, using the Quidditch match as a diversion, gets Harry and Hermione to go with him to tell his secret.  What is the secret?  OP 690-91
  214. The centaurs consider Firenze a traitor because he is doing what?  OP 686
  215. Once Ron is brought into the secret, he thinks of two creatures that Hagrid took in where it did not turn out so good.  Name the two creatures.  OP 705
  216. The head of the Wizarding Examinations Authority arrives.  What is her name?  OP 707, 710-11
  217. Harry, Ron, and Hermione want to hear what the head of testing is saying and dawdle – by Ron wisely doing what delay tactic?  OP 711
  218. Who gets sacked during Harry’s Astronomy exam?       OP 720-22
  219. Harry sees a vision of Sirius having been captured and tortured by Voldemort.  He wants to tell a member of the Order.  Who does he want to tell?  OP 730
  220. Is there another member of the Order left to tell?  Who?  OP 743
  221. Harry decides to use the fire in Umbridge’s office again.  Who helps him plan this mission?  OP 735-737
  222. Which operations planner comes up with the Garrotting Gas idea?  OP 737
  223. The operations team selects a signal to use to warn Harry if someone comes.  What is the signal?  OP 739
  224. Sirius is not at the fire when Harry enters.  Who is there and provides disinformation to Harry?  OP 740-41
  225. Umbridge captures Harry and the others and summons Snape.  Why does she need Snape?  OP 744
  226. Before Snape leaves, Harry tells Snape what is happening through an open code.  What does Harry say?  OP 745
  227. Umbridge, in her interrogation of Harry, is willing to go how far in her methods?  OP 746
  228. Snape, the excellent spy that he is, reacts how to this information?   OP 745-46, 832-833
  229. In order to bolster his credibility, Snape offers to do what to Harry?  OP 745
  230. Hermione saves the day by doing what?  OP 747-48
  231. As Hermione leads the way into the forest she is intentionally noisy.  Why?        OP 753, 756
  232. Once the centaurs capture Umbridge, who helps Harry and Hermione escape?  OP 757
  233. Once joined by Harry’s friends, who comes up with the idea on how to get to the Ministry of Magic?          OP 761
  234. What is the number that Harry has Ron enter to get in?  6 – 2 – 4 – 4– 2
  235. What word does this code translate into?
  236. When they reach a locked door they try to use Sirius’s knife.  What happens to it?  OP 775-776
  237. Once in the Department of Mysteries, Ron notices a card with Harry’s name on it that has the following initials:  S.P.T. to A.P.W.B.D.  What do the initials stand for?  OP 780, 840, 841
  238. In the ensuing fight with the Death Eaters, two of Harry’s fellow students are injured, Ginny and Neville.  What are their injuries?  OP 792, 795
  239. The Order of the Phoenix come to the rescue, and Sirius is hit by a spell from whom?  OP 805
  240. After rescuing Harry, Dumbledore sends him back to school by creating and then using what?  OP 818
  241. Dumbledore tells Harry that his scar might be a sign of the connection between Harry and Voldemort, and that Dumbledore was worried that Harry would be used to do what?  OP 826-27
  242. Dumbledore informs Harry that someone at Grimmauld Place has been a double agent against the Order for months.  Who?  OP 829
  243. Which member of the Order of the Phoenix realized that Harry must have gone to the Department of Mysteries to rescue Sirius?  OP 830
  244. What inside information did Kreacher provide to Voldemort’s allies that was used against Harry?  831
  245. Voldemort’s spy did not hear the entire Prophecy.  Why not?  OP 843
  246. Harry’s full story is told in the Daily Prophet, which includes an “exclusive” interview of Harry?  Where did they get the interview?  OP 847-48
  247. Who went into the Forbidden Forest and rescued Umbridge from the centaurs?  OP 848-49
  248. While packing Harry notices the gift Sirius had given him, and opens it.  What is it?  OP 857-58
  249. Harry asks a long-term resident of Hogwarts if Sirius could come back as a ghost.  Who does he ask?  OP 860-61
  250. Harry visits with one of his friends about the afterlife and what they heard behind the veil that Sirius fell into?  Who did he talk with?  OP 862

BONUS QUESTION:   Tonks, when meeting Harry at the train station with several other Order members, is wearing a T-shirt with a popular band’s name.  Name the band, and where the name comes from!  OP 867

10 comments on “The Spy Trivia Case File

  1. click here says:

    There is definately a great deal to know about
    this topic. I like all of the points you made.

  2. Heather in VA says:

    1. Mrs. Arabella Figg!

  3. Sherry Compton says:

    249. Nearly Headless Nick

  4. Sherry Compton says:

    10. What form does your Patronus take?

  5. Sherry Compton says:

    5. As long as Harry can call number 4 home; he has Dumbledore’s protection

  6. Sherry Compton says:

    4. his lightening scar

  7. carterfamilyof10 says:

    #1 – Arabella Doreen Figg
    I love this ❤

  8. Anna says:

    3. Mungdungus fletcher

  9. Tracee says:

    6442 translates…just like magic. 😉

  10. Paol Trenny says:

    Name the squib assigned as a sleeper agent to look after Harry when he was at the Dursley’s house over the summer – Arabella Doreen Figg

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