Quiz: The Birth of Dumbledore’s Army

Dumbledore's Army

Monday trivia is back once again! Do you know everything about Umbridge and Dumbledore’s Army? Then this quiz is for you! Check back tomorrow for the answers.

1. The Daily Prophet provides what propaganda about Delores Umbridge?

2. What parent is quoted in the Daily Prophet article for corroboration of the value of having Umbridge at Hogwarts?

3. When examining the professors, which one predicts that Umbridge is in grave danger?

4. Who comes up with the idea of having Harry covertly teach his classmate Defense Against the Dark Arts?

5. Hermione sets up a “secret” meeting to talk about Harry teaching the students at what location?

6. Filch uses a pretext to try to intercept Harry’s owl before he sends his letter to Sirius?  Why?

7. Looking around at their meeting place in Hogsmeade the kids notice a person who is hidden behind a veil.  Who is that person?

8. In the process of recruiting the students, the students discuss Harry’s past actions.  What do they talk about?

9. There is another person who is heavily bandaged that ends up being the person who tells Umbridge about the meeting. Who is this person?

10. Someone asks Harry about his ability to produce a Patronus.  Who is this student, and how did she get this information?


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Sorting Hat

Happy Monday everyone! Here’s your weekly Harry Potter and the Art of Spying quiz. Answers will be posted tomorrow as usual. 

(OP= Order of the Phoenix)

  1. The Sorting Hat provides historic analysis, and warns the school about what?    OP 207
  2. The Sorting Hat picks up valuable information due to where it normally is located.  Where is that?  OP 209
  3. Hermione as an intelligence agent properly interprets Professor Umbridge’s speech.  What does she conclude? OP 214
  4. Even though the Daily Prophet is saying terrible things about Harry, Hermione continues to subscribe to it.  Why?  OP 225
  5. When the Weasley twins talk about their joke shop, Harry changes the subject to steer aware from “dangerous waters.”  What fact was he hiding?  OP 227-28
  6. Professor McGonagall says “You know where she comes from, you must know to whom she is reporting” about whom?  OP 248
  7. Harry’s punishment imposed by Professor Umbridge is considered by Ron and Hermione as a form of what?    OP 272-73
  8. Many people do not believe Voldemort is back because this fact is based on the credibility of only one person.  Who is that person?  OP 251
  9. When Draco makes a reference to Hagrid messing around with something that is too big for him, how do Harry and his friends analyze this statement?  OP 260
  10. When Harry decides to write Sirius a letter in open-code, what name does he use instead of Sirius?  OP 280