Quiz: The Hearing at the Ministry of Magic


Let’s try another quiz! This time, you have to be quick on your feet to produce the answers to this “interrogation”! Answers will be posted tomorrow and linked here.

  1. When Harry walks into the courtroom he immediately recognizes it from the prior use of what intelligence tool that Dumbledore uses often? OP 137
  2. The hearing was supposed to be in front of only the administrative person in charge of improper use of magic by minors, but through the use of politics two other hearing officers were added.  Name them. OP 138-39
  3. At the beginning of the trial who uses interrogation techniques on Harry to get him to admit to all the essential elements of the crime? OP 140-141
  4. Who attempts to help Harry during the trial by asking a friendly question, “You produced a fully-fledged Patronus?” OP 141
  5. At Harry’s trial we find out that the Ministry of Magic has used surveillance and has “always closely monitored” Privet drive, and yet there was one witch who lived nearby the Ministry did not know about.  Name that person. OP 143
  6. After the trial Harry notices someone talking to the Minister of Magic.  Name this secret agent of Voldemort. OP 154
  7. Being a member of a subversive organization, such as the Order of the Phoenix, has risk, just like the risk inherent in spying.  Describe what Mrs. Weasley most fears, as shown by her encounter with a boggart. OP 175-76
  8. When taking the Harry to Hogwarts Express in one of his Order of the Phoenix members escorts is missing.  Who? And why was he missing? OP 181
  9. When they get on the train, who does Harry observe reading a magazine upside-down? OP 185
  10. What is the name of the magazine? OP 185
  11. When Malfoy tells Harry that he will be “dogging” him, what does Harry the intelligence analyst conclude? OP 194

Top Secret Answers to Monday’s Quiz!

Harry Potter Trivia

On Monday we published the first of our weekly quizzes about the art of spying tidbits that can be found throughout the Harry Potter series. Here it is again with the answers!

1. Name the squib assigned as a sleeper agent to look after Harry when he was at the Dursley’s house over the summer.

Arabella Doreen Figg 

2. Name two open-source mediums Harry uses in the summer between his fourth and fifth year at Hogwarts to determine if Sirius Black has been captured.

Muggle television news reports and the Daily Prophet 

3. Who was assigned to watch over Harry at the beginning of book 5 but left his post because of a “very good business opportunity”?

Mundungus Fletcher 

4. Name the special communication device that is on Harry at all times.

His scar. 

5. What is it that makes number four, Privet Drive a safe house for Harry?

The charm created between his mother’s blood that protects him. 

6. What was the cover story the Dursley told Harry as to how his parents had died?

  In an automobile accident. 

7. What is the name of the school that Harry supposedly attended, used as a cover story by the Dursley’s for their neighbors?

St. Brutus’s Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys

8. What is the name of the security squad that comes to take Harry away from Privet Drive after being attacked by the dementors?

The advance guard

9. Before Harry is taken from the Dursley’s in book 5 he is asked a security question to make sure he is the real Harry Potter – what was he asked?

What form does your Patronus take?

10. Tonks used disinformation to get the Dursley’s to leave their home on the evening that Harry is rescued from the home. What did the Dursleys think they were leaving for?

To receive the All-England Best-Kept Suburban Lawn

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