Answers: Padfoot is in Danger!

Harry on Thestrals

How did you do on yesterday’s quiz? Check your answers below to find out! Also, stop back here on Thursday for a blog post about the Daily Prophet in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

1. Who concludes that Umbridge fired Hagrid at night in order to avoid another scene like the one following her dismissal of Professor Trelawney?

Ernie McMillian 

2. What does Kreacher tell Harry when asked about Sirius’ whereabouts?

“Master will not come back from the Department of Mysteries” (OP 740-71),

3. What alerts Umbridge that Harry and his friends have infiltrated her office?

Hidden Stealth Sensoring Spells 

4. What does Harry tell Snape in order to communicate that he believes Sirius is in danger?

“He’s got Padfoot at the place where it is hidden!” (745)

5. What spell does Umbridge nearly use to get information out of Harry?

The Cruciatus Curse

6. What does Hermione tell Umbridge to stop her from torturing Harry?

That there is a weapon in the Forbidden Forest.

7. What does Hermione do that alerts the centaurs to their presence in the forest?

She makes a lot of noise as she stumbles through the forest. 

8. Who saves Harry and Hermione when the centaurs become angry with them?


9. What draws the thestrals to Harry and his friends precisely when they need transportation to London?

Thestrals are attracted to the scent of blood and Grawp is bleeding from arrow wounds received from the centaurs!

10. Why does Harry fail to realize that he’s walking into a trap?

He has let his emotions take over. Unlike Hermione, he is not objective enough.