Answers: Dumbledore’s Escape

Dumbledore's Got Style

Do you know the answers to yesterday’s quiz? Time to find out!

1. Who has inside information and warns Harry during a DA meeting that Umbridge is one her way to capture them?


2. Harry is ready to admit to Fudge that he had organized the DA when someone gives him a subtle signal to lie. Who gave the signal?


3. When Harry admits to nothing, Umbridge brings in her own spy or informant. Who?


4. When Marietta gets ready to tell Fudge the truth, she doesn’t. Who applied a Memory Charm on Marietta?

Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt

5. Fudge has brought two “enforcers” with him to the meeting. Who are they?

Kingsley Shacklebolt and Dawlish

6. When Marietta lies, what does Professor Umbridge do?

Manhandles her, until Dumbledore intercedes

7. What document does Umbridge produce that “convicts” Harry?

The DA sign-up sheet

8. Who takes the rap for Harry?


9, Who takes down Dumbledore’s confession?


10. Who wants to help Dumbledore fight the others against his arrest, but Dumbledore forbids it?

Professor McGonagall