Answers: Covert Operations under Umbridge’s Regime


How did you do on yesterday’s quiz? Could you keep track of all of the covert ops Harry and his friends ran after Umbridge took over Hogwarts? Check your answers below and tell us how you did in the comments!

1. When Umbridge is unable to trick Harry into revealing his secrets, she threatens him by revealing that the Ministry is doing what?

Monitoring all channels of communication in and out of Hogwarts

2. What happens when Umbridge attempts to counteract the Weasley’s fireworks?

Her stunning spell causes the fireworks to explode even more!

3. What gift from Sirius does Harry use to open Umbridge’s locked office door to talk to Lupin and Sirius?

A magical knife

4. What excuses do Lupin and Sirius provide for James Potter’s terrible treatment of Snape?

James was young and arrogant. Eventually he grew out of those character flaws.

5. After Fred and George Weasley create a swamp in a school corridor, what is their punishment?

Umbridge gives Filch permission to whip them, at which point they decide they’ve “outgrown full-time education”

6. What does Hagrid insist on showing Harry and Hermione during the Quidditch match?

His half-brother, Grawp.

7. Why are the centaurs angry at Firenze?

They believe “he is peddling [their] knowledge and secrets among humans” (OP 698)

8. Why do the centaurs let Hagrid pass despite their anger with him for meddling in their affairs?

According to their culture, harming “the innocent” (children like Harry and Hermione) is a terrible crime.

9. Who is the head of the Wizarding Examination Authority?

Professor Marchbanks

10. What spell does Harry cast that impresses his O.W.L examiner?

A fully-fledged Patronus Charm

Spy Terms:

Mail Cover (n): A request by an intelligence agency to obtain information from a country’s mail service, to examine the outside aspects of an envelope or package, normally without opening the item.

Example: Umbridge intercepts owls delivering messages to Hogwarts students to keep tabs on any potential rebellions.

Black Bag Job (n): a surreptitious or covert entry into a home, office or other location without the knowledge of the owner.

Example: When Harry and his friends sneak into Umbridge’s office to use the only un-monitored fireplace to contact Sirius and Lupin.


Answers: Harry Must Not Tell Lies

Luna and the Quibbler

How did you do on yesterday’s quiz? Check your answers here!

1. What time-tested spy method does Hermione use to get Rita Skeeter to interview Harry?

Blackmail- Hermione knew Rita’s biggest secret, do you?

2. Harry interview, which provides an alternative explanation to what the Ministry is saying, is published in what magazine?

The Quibbler

3. What occurs that brings Professor Umbridge over to Harry’s table once the interview was published?

Owls pour in with letter to Harry about the interview

4. What does Professor’s Umbridge do once she sees the interview of Harry in the magazine?

She bans it 

5. What is the effect of Professor Umbridge’s rule relating to the interview of Harry?

Everyone now wants to read it more than ever

6. We find out through a vision during Harry’s dream that someone had put an Imperius Curse on Bode in order to steal something out of the Department of Mysteries. Who used the Imperius Curse on Bode?

Lucius Malfoy

7. Who had given Voldemort bad advice about how to get the item from the Department of Mysteries, and is tortured by Voldemort?


8. Why then was Bode murdered?

Because he was getting better and might have been able to tell the authorities who had placed the Imperius Curse on him

9 When Snape tells Harry, “Yes, Potter, that is my job,” Snape has actually just admitted to what?

That it is his job to find out what Voldemort is telling the Death Eaters, thus admitting that he is a double agent against Voldemort and for Dumbledore!

10. Dumbledore replaces Trelawney with someone who in a way has defected from his prior people? Who is it?