How to Win a Free Copy of Harry Potter and the Art of Spying

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As you probably know by now, we are giving away five copies of Harry Potter and the Art of Spying on Goodreads in the month of February. We had nearly 1,000 readers enter to win our last Goodreads Giveaway in July. So how do you help make sure that you are one of the five lucky winners? Read these tips to find out!

First – Goodreads’ method of selecting winners:

‘If more people are interested in a book than there are copies available [which is nearly always the case], we will pick the winners at our discretion. The factors that go into our algorithm are: randomness, site activity, genre of books on your shelves, current phase of the moon, and more.’

This is SO important! In order to up your chances of winning a copy of Harry Potter and the Art of Spying, you need to get active on Goodreads. Here are some tips:

1. Write reviews

Did you LOVE Gone Girl? Then write a line or two about it on Goodreads. Better yet, have you gotten into indie books lately? Then do those writers a big favor and tell the world what you think! Even if you didn’t love a book, more reviews give other readers a better idea of whether or not they should try it. More importantly, we, as authors, want to hear what you think!

2. Visit Goodreads more often

If one of the criteria is “site activity,” it’s important that you get on Goodreads and demonstrate that you make good use of your account. Goodreads wants to give books to people who will review them on their website, put them on a few lists, and vote in a few polls. Do all of the above and you might move to the top of the list!

3. Add some books to your shelves

If you add books that are in a similar genre to the one you want to win, many people believe it will increase your chances of winning the giveaway.

4. Rate books

If you have books on your “Read” shelf that you haven’t rated yet, rate them now! It’s an easy way to increase your chances of winning.

And the best way to increase your chances of winning a free book? Follow the Art of Spying blog, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. That way, you’ll always know when we are hosting new giveaways!