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Table of Contents

PART 1: Spy Craft in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:—A Chapter-by-Chapter Review

Chapter 1   Saving Private Dudley—The Spies Among Us

Chapter 2   How to Get in Trouble Using Magic without Really Trying, Or, I Raise You One Owl and See You Another

Chapter 3   Hostage Rescue—From Safe House Number 1 to Safe House Number 2

Chapter 4   Headquarters: A Place That Grows on You, Except for All That Screaming

Chapter 5   Let History Be Your Guide—The History of the Order of the Phoenix

Chapter 6   The House of Black, Kreacher, and the Order’s Comings and Goings

Chapter 7   Harry Enters the Lion’s Den, Where the Truth (and Professor Dumbledore) Eventually Sets Him Free

Chapter 8   The Ministry of Magic as the Queen of Hearts: Sentence First, Trial After—Then Off with Their Heads!

Chapter 9   Life at Headquarters: Boring, Boring, Boring

Chapter 10 Strangers in a Strange Land—An Introduction to Luna Lovegood

Chapter 11  Listening Carefully to an Old Hat and a New Pink Lady

Chapter 12  Professor Umbridge—Liar, Traitor, Soldier, Spy

Chapter 13  Cruel and Unusual Punishment, or, Getting to the Point about Lying

Chapter 14  Messages without Meaning—Predictions by Percy “The Insider”—A Spy’s Life of Solitude and Calculated Risk

Chapter 15  The Assumption of Leadership—Professor Dolores Umbridge and Harry Potter

Chapter 16  Harry Takes the Lead—A Not-So-Secret Meeting—We Band of Brothers (and Sisters)

Chapter 17  Educational Decree No. 24—Leaks Other Than the Leaky Cauldron, Ideas Suppressed and Associations Thwarted

Chapter 18  The Development of Dumbledore’s Army: Organization, Communication, Secrecy, and Finding the Perfect Meeting Place

Chapter 19  Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones . . . But Your Temper May Get You Banned from Quidditch

Chapter 20  Hagrid as Spy and Diplomat—Recruitment and the Consequences of a Change in Leadership

Chapter 21  Hagrid’s Unseen Lesson—Harry’s “Wet” Kiss—A Snake’s-Eye View to a Kill

Chapter 22  Seeing through the Eyes of the Enemy—Slithering Toward Bethlehem—A Portrait Is Worth a Thousand Words

Chapter 23  To Be or Not to Be (a Snake)—Bravery, Risk, and the Consequences to Those Who Serve—Keeping, Revealing, and Acknowledging Family Secrets

Chapter 24  Reading Minds—The Art of Subtlety—Memories as Weapons

Chapter 25  Young Love in Shambles—The Green Monster of Jealousy—Bribing Someone Who Bugs You—Using the Press

Chapter 26  Three Easy Tasks: Using the Media, Finding Double Agents, and Understanding Women (Yeah, Right!)

Chapter 27  A Centaur’s Loyalty—A Sneak’s Disloyalty—Secrets Disclosed—Capture and Escape

Chapter 28  Hogwarts without Dumbledore—Effects of Changes in Leadership—The Power and Poignancy of History and Memories

Chapter 29  The Psychology of Risk—Operations Planning—What We Decide to Do with Our Lives—A Twin Exit Worth Remembering

Chapter 30  Secrets Revealed: Large (Giant) Family Secrets, Small Twin Secrets, Secrets of the Herd and Hagrid’s Intervention

Chapter 31  Let the Test Be with You—Theory Meets Practice—Toad-Face Meets Old Wizarding Faces—A “Stunning” Observation from the Astronomy Tower

Chapter 32  Applying Intelligence Analysis to a “Missing” Sirius—Hermione’s Plan to Reenter the Fire—Captured!—Torture and the Art of Lying Convincingly

Chapter 33  Into the Forbidden Forest—How to Turn Friends (or Neutrals) into Enemies—A Little Help from a Really Big Friend

Chapter 34  The Flight of the Thestrals—The Magic of Code Breaking—My Kingdom for a Map!—Leaving Magic Breadcrumbs (on Doors!)—A Prophecy (and Curiosity) Kills the Dog, and Maybe Harry’s Friends, Too!

Chapter 35  The Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters Do Battle—The Consequences of Mistaken Intelligence Analysis and Hubris—A Prophecy Lost (But Perhaps Regained)

Chapter 36  Harry’s Risky Thirst for Vengeance—Voldemort Arrives—Dumbledore Victorious—An Enemy Now Seen Flees (Yet Again)

Chapter 37  Professor Dumbledore Disclosing Truths (But Maybe Not All of Them!)

Chapter 38  The Press Finally Prints the Truth—Dumbledore Returns—Death Be Not Proud


PART 2: The Art of Spying in the Wizarding and Muggle Worlds

Chapter 39 Types of Spies

Chapter 40 Recruiting and Running Spies

Chapter 41 Intelligence Gathering

Chapter 42 The Art of Deception

Chapter 43 Spies at Work

Chapter 44 Security: Keeping Secrets Secret and Places Safe

Chapter 45  Counterintelligence

Chapter 46  Communication and Codes

Chapter 47  Science & Technology (& Wizardry): Curses, Charms Jinxes, and Other Wizarding Weapons

Chapter 48 Intelligence Analysis and Divining Secrets

Chapter 49  The Press—and How to Use It

Chapter 50  Politics and Other Nefarious Things

Chapter 51  Diplomacy—Building Friendships That Matter

Chapter 52  Ethics in Harry Potter

Chapter 53  Severus Snape—The Ultimate Double Agent

Chapter 54  The Value of Spies and Spying: A World Worth Saving

Appendix: An Intelligence Primer

  1. Intelligence and the Intelligence Cycle
  2. Uses of Intelligences
  3. Types of Intelligence
  4. Obtaining Intelligence
  5. Intelligence Analysis: Potential Errors and Biases
  6. An Introduction to the First Amendment and the Press
  7. The Press and Public Opinion—“I’ve read it in the paper, so it must be true!”
  8. Reporters: Dealing with Rita Skeeter and the Like
  9. Leaks Can Float Your Boat or Sink the Ship!
  10. An Introduction to Government and Politics
  11. An Introduction to Diplomacy
    1.   Laws, Customs, and Mores
    2. The Origins of International Law
    3. The Ethics of War: “Just” and “Unjust” Wars
    4. The Clash of Civilizations vs. the Nation-State
    5. Dealing with War in the Age of Terrorism
    6. Friendly Competition and Ping-Pong Diplomacy


Glossary of Spy Terms

Index of Muggle-Related References

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