Quiz: Department of Mysteries

Daily Prophet Voldemort Returns

This is it. It’s the quiz on the final chapters of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. If you’ve been following along the whole time, this is quite the accomplishment. Congratulations! If you’re just joining us, then good luck – you may need it!

1. What form of stealth technology do Harry and his friends use to travel to London?

2. Why is the code 6-2-4-4-2 an appropriate code for entering the Ministry of Magic through a telephone booth?

3. Why does Harry want to leave a lookout in the corridor outside the door to the Department of Mysteries?

4. What is behind the first door Harry and his friends try?

5. Who notices the sphere with Harry’s name on it?

6. What does S.P.T. to A.P.W.D. mean?

7. Why has Dumbledore been ignoring Harry?

8. Who ends up in Azkaban after the events at the Ministry of Magic?

9. What does the Daily Prophet call Harry Potter once it is revealed that he had been telling the truth the whole time?

10. Who meets Harry at the train station to escort him to the Dursleys?

Spy Term

Stealth Technology (n): Outside the world of Harry Potter, there is technology that allows a large aircraft (as well as some ships) to travel virtually unseen. Or, to be more accurate, it makes ships and planes seem much smaller than they are by enemy radar. Because this technology doesn’t hid the vehicles to the naked eye, stealth technology is only really useful at night.


Quiz: Padfoot is in Danger!

Voldemort torturing Sirisu

Although Harry has become quite the spy over the course of Order of the Phoenix. However, when he dreams that Sirius is being tortured by Voldemort, caution flies out the window and all he can do is plan a rescue mission. Thankfully, he has a group of friends by his side willing to fight for him! Can you answer the trivia questions below about this high-stakes moment in the fifth Harry Potter book?

1. Who concludes that Umbridge fired Hagrid at night in order to avoid another scene like the one following her dismissal of Professor Trelawney?

2. What does Kreacher tell Harry when asked about Sirius’ whereabouts?

3. What alerts Umbridge that Harry and his friends have infiltrated her office?

4. What does Harry tell Snape in order to communicate that he believes Sirius is in danger?

5. What spell does Umbridge nearly use to get information out of Harry?

6. What does Hermione tell Umbridge to stop her from torturing Harry?

7. What does Hermione do that alerts the centaurs to their presence in the forest?

8. Who saves Harry and Hermione when the centaurs become angry with them?

9. What draws the thestrals to Harry and his friends precisely when they need transportation to London?

10. Why does Harry fail to realize that he’s walking into a trap?


Quiz: Covert Operations Under Umbridge’s Regime

Mcgonagall scolds Umbridge

Harry, Ron, and Hermione have to draw on their whole network of friends and acquaintances to counteract Umbridge’s oppressive regime. Thankfully, she is not well liked, so people are happy to help! See if you can recall all of the trio’s covert operations!

1. When Umbridge is unable to trick Harry into revealing his secrets, she threatens him by revealing that the Ministry is doing what?

2. What happens when Umbridge attempts to counteract the Weasley’s fireworks?

3. What gift from Sirius does Harry use to open Umbridge’s locked office door to talk to Lupin and Sirius?

4. What excuses do Lupin and Sirius provide for James Potter’s terrible treatment of Snape?

5. After Fred and George Weasley create a swamp in a school corridor, what is their punishment?

6. What does Hagrid insist on showing Harry and Hermione during the Quidditch match?

7. Why are the centaurs angry at Firenze?

8. Why do the centaurs let Hagrid pass despite their anger with him for meddling in their affairs?

9. Who is the head of the Wizarding Examination Authority?

10. What spell does Harry cast that impresses his O.W.L examiner?

Quiz: Umbridge Takes Over

Inquisitorial Squad

Things begin to look grim when the Ministry attempts to arrest Dumbledore and officially take over Hogwarts. However, if you were paying attention you know that Harry and his friends rely on their spy craft to keep up their resistance despite losing their biggest ally. Take this quiz to find out just how observant you were! Answers will be posted here tomorrow!

1. Just before he escapes his arrest, Dumbledore knocks out everyone except McGonagall and Harry. He then covertly talks to them.  What does he tell Harry covertly?

2. When the others start to wake up, McGonagall and Harry do what?

3. How does Dumbledore escape?

4. After Dumbledore leaves, what room is Headmistress Umbridge unable to enter?

5. In order to enforce her new rules and authority, Umbridge create a new student organization. What is its name?

6. When the Weasley twins tell Harry when they are going to do a little “mayhem,” what do they tell Harry to do?

7. When the mayhem begins, who serves as Harry’s alibi?

8. When in Umbridge’s office, the new Headmistress tries to get Harry to drink tea? Why?

9. Right before drinking the tea, who does Harry think about?

10. Harry, like a good intelligence officer, pretends to drink, and when the Weasley diversion begins, he does what?


Quiz: Harry Must Not Tell Lies

Frazzled Umbridge

Personally, I’ve never been happier to see someone upset.

We hope all of you who attended our book launch this weekend had a blast! For those of you who couldn’t make it, never fear! Our trivia and blog content will continue. Feel free to pose your questions to the authors or buy the book for even more info about the spies in Harry Potter!

In the meantime, try our next quiz! Answers will be posted tomorrow as usual.

1. What time-tested spy method does Hermione use to get the former reporter to interview Harry?

2. Harry” interview, which provides an alternative explanation to what the Ministry is saying, is published in what magazine?

3. What alerts Professor Umbridge that Harry and his friends are up to something?

4. What does Professor’s Umbridge do once she sees the interview of Harry in the magazine?

5. What is the effect of Professor Umbridge’s rule regarding to Harry’s interview?

6. We find out through a vision during Harry’s dream that someone had put an Imperius Curse on Bode in order to steal something out of the Department of Mysteries. Who used the Imperius Curse on Bode?

7. Who had given Voldemort bad advice about how to get the item from the Department of Mysteries, and is tortured by Voldemort?

8. Why then was Bode murdered?

9. When Snape tells Harry, “Yes, Potter, that is my job,” Snape has actually just admitted to what?

10. Dumbledore replaces Trelawney with someone who in a way has defected from his prior people? Who is it?

Quiz: The Daily Prophet Reveals All

Cho Valentine

Voldemort may have stayed undercover for most of Order of the Phoenix, but the alert spy had plenty of chances to find out little bits of what the Dark Lord was up to. How much do you know about his clandestine operations? Oh, and how much do you know about girls? Harry certainly struggled to understand Cho….

1. Harry “feels” that Voldemort is very, very happy about something, which is front page the next day in the Daily Prophet. What has happened?

2. As Harry and Cho head for their Valentine’s date, Cho observes that unlike when Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban, something is missing. What?

3. Being a good intelligence analysis, what does Harry conclude from this fact and from the escape itself?

4. In the same edition of the Daily Prophet, Hermione discovers that someone was killed by a deadly plant. Who was killed and by what plant?

5. Harry had seen the plant but didn’t do anything. Why not?

6. Hermione concludes what about the placement of Devil’s Snare next to Bede’s hospital bed?

7. What does Harry mention during his Valentine’s date with Cho that results in making the date go terribly wrong?

8. When Harry finally realizes why Cho is jealous of Hermione he fails to maintain his demeanor or apply situational awareness and laughs at the idea of him and Hermione as “an item.” What does Cho do?

9. When Harry meets up with Hermione at The Three Broomsticks he first talks to a friend who has perhaps drank too much. Who is it?

10. When Harry goes to sit down with Hermione, what other two people are with her, to Harry’s great surprise?


Spy Terms:

It’s high time we discussed the different levels of secrecy in the CIA. Author Peter Earnest, current Director of the International Spy Museum, spent 25 years as a clandestine officer. But what does that mean exactly?

Clandestine Operation (n): An operation sponsored or conducted by governmental departments or agencies in such a way as to assure secrecy or concealment. A clandestine operation differs from a covert operation in that emphasis is placed on concealment of the operation rather than on concealment of the identity of the sponsor.

In plain English: The operation is so secret you won’t even know it happened. The people who conduct these operations essentially don’t exist.

Harry Potter Example: Voldemort had intended his return to life/form to be a clandestine operation. No wizard (other than his followers) was supposed to know he’d returned.

Covert Operation (n): An operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor

In plain English: The world knows something happened. They just don’t know who did it!

Harry Potter Example: When the Death Eaters escape from Azkaban, everyone knows someone set them free. No one, however, seems to know who did it. Those who believe Harry when he says Voldemort is back understandably suspect the Dark Lord. The Daily Prophet, however, convinced many that Sirius Black was responsible!

Quiz: Close Your Mind, Harry!

Occlumency Scene

After Christmas, life for Harry Potter and his friends gets significantly more complicated. Voldemort is not only back, he is clearly after something and he is not afraid to hurt people Harry loves to get it. Take this quiz to see how much spy craft you picked up on while you read this part of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Answers will be posted here tomorrow!

1. As Harry leaves Grimmauld Place to return to Hogwart’s after Christmas break, Sirius gives him a special communication device. What is it?

2. What is the mode of transportation back to Hogwarts after Christmas break?

3. Who is the driver (who is later arrested by the Ministry on trumped up charges)?

4. Dumbledore realizes through his double agent that Voldemort perceived Harry’s intrusion into his mind when he was possessing the snake. What countermeasure does Dumbledore insist Harry learn to prevent Voldemort from turning Harry into a spy against him?

5. When Harry asks Snape how they know that Voldemort detected Harry, Snape applies the need-to-know rule against Harry, and tells him what?

6. Before their special lessons, Snape takes what and puts them away in a secure location?

7. When Snape is able to see Harry’s memories that he fears, Snape warns Harry about what?

8. During Harry’s lesson with Snape he is able to see further along the hallway of his dreams and recognizes where the hallway is located. Which is where?

9. What is the name of the Weasley twins’ new invention that makes your head disappear?

10. Why should the Weasley twins be assigned to the CIA Science and Technology directorate?

Spy Terms:

CIA Science and Technology Directorate (proper noun): One of 4 major CIA components, this division develops technologies that provide officers in the field with a significant intelligence advantage. Follow the link to learn more!

Need-to-Know (adj): A security standard in which only those persons who absolutely must know the information have access to it.

         Example: Only the members of the Order of the Phoenix are allowed to know the address of number 12 Grimmauld Place, which is given to each one by the Secret Keeper, Albus Dumbledore.



Quiz: St. Mungo’s

St. Mungo's

After Arthur Weasley was attacked at the Ministry of Magic, Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix scramble to protect the secret organization and figure out what happened. Do you remember all of the spy craft that they used as everyone rushed to St. Mungo’s? If you think you do, take this quiz to find out! Answers are posted here.

1. Dumbledore stations a guard outside his door to provide a warning if anyone comes (Umbridge). Who does he use?

2. Dumbledore uses an instrument that exudes smoke in the form of a snake and says, “But in essence divided?” What has he just concluded?

3. In order to keep the situation secret, Dumbledore uses a Portkey to send all of the Weasley’s and Harry where?

4. The entrance to St. Mungo’s is camouflaged to look like what?

5. What is the name of the healer and later headmistress of Hogwarts, whose portrait is at both places?

6. Why isn’t the attack on Mr. Weasley reported in the Daily Prophet?

7. Fred and George explain to their father, “You were guarding it, weren’t you?” What do they think he was guarding?

8. Upon returning to Grimmauld Place, Harry is convinced he is a danger to the others. Why does he believe he is a danger?

9. Name the person who had previously been possessed by Voldemort and was able to convince Harry that he is not being possessed?

10. Whose Headmaster portrait is in Harry’s room at Grimmauld Place and is able to keep tabs on Harry?


Spy Term

High-Security Asset (n): A person or item that is actively sought after by the opposing side.

Example: The mysterious item that Fred and George believe their father was guarding; Harry Potter himself, as demonstrated by the precautions taken to retrieve him from Number 4 Privet Drive.


Quiz: The Attack on Arthur Weasley

Attack on Arthur

Now that Dumbledore’s Army is meeting regularly, nearly every character in the Order of the Phoenix has started using elements of spy craft. Some characters are in deep cover, others like Hermione are becoming skilled at psychological assessment, and Dumbledore is fighting to maintain the upper hand by keeping A LOT of secrets. Try this week’s quiz to see how much of the spy craft you’ve noticed in this action-packed section of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Answers are available here.

1. Now that Hagrid is back, in his first lesson he “shows” the kids what creature?

2. Where is Sirius laying low, in deep cover?

3. At the end of one meeting, Harry uses a pretext to hung around and visit with Cho. What is this pretext?

4. When telling Ron and Hermione about Cho’s “wet” kiss, he says she was crying. Describe Hermione’s psychological assessment of Cho.

5. Thanks to his unique connection to Voldemort, Harry is able to secretly observe something in his dream. What does he see?

6. What is the snake’s name?

7. Dumbledore acts as an intelligence analyst and interrogates Harry about what he saw and what was his perspective , and determines what?

8. What unique form of communication does Dumbledore use in his office to find the injured Mr. Weasley?

9. Once Mr. Weasley is at St. Mungo’s, he makes a decision to protect his sources and methods. What is that decision?

10. Who and what are the source and method Dumbledore is protecting?


Spy Terms

Deep Cover/Deep Cover Agent (n): a mission or assignment so secret that only one or two people know of its existence; a deep cover agent usually stays put for many, many years, having little to no contact with his or her handlers.

Example: Sirius is a deep cover agent out of necessity. People know he exists but very few know where he is and he must stay put indefinitely. He is clearly not very good at being a deep cover agent.


Psychological Assessment (n): the use of information about a person’s traits, characteristics, background, and psychological makeup to predict that person’s reactions or future actions.

Example: Hermione helps Ron and Harry understand Cho’s traits, characteristics, and background in order to explain why she has been acting strange and to predict how she will act in the future.


Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe!

Make A Wish Harry

In honor of Daniel Radcliffe’s 25th birthday, we’ve put together some trivia questions to see how much you know about the Chosen One. Answers will be posted late tonight!

1. How tall is Daniel?

2. He has decided that his height does not bother him. Why?

3.  What is his favorite dessert?

4. Which Harry Potter book is Daniel’s favorite?

5. What charities does Dan support?

6. What do his parents do?

7. Is he open to reprising his role as Harry?

8. Dan is also a writer. What did he have published in 2007?

9. Where does he live now?

10. What are some of Dan’s current projects?


For more Harry Potter trivia, check out Emma Watson’s Birthday Quiz, or our recent quiz about Hagrid in the Order of the Phoenix!