Answers: Padfoot is in Danger!

Harry on Thestrals

How did you do on yesterday’s quiz? Check your answers below to find out! Also, stop back here on Thursday for a blog post about the Daily Prophet in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

1. Who concludes that Umbridge fired Hagrid at night in order to avoid another scene like the one following her dismissal of Professor Trelawney?

Ernie McMillian 

2. What does Kreacher tell Harry when asked about Sirius’ whereabouts?

“Master will not come back from the Department of Mysteries” (OP 740-71),

3. What alerts Umbridge that Harry and his friends have infiltrated her office?

Hidden Stealth Sensoring Spells 

4. What does Harry tell Snape in order to communicate that he believes Sirius is in danger?

“He’s got Padfoot at the place where it is hidden!” (745)

5. What spell does Umbridge nearly use to get information out of Harry?

The Cruciatus Curse

6. What does Hermione tell Umbridge to stop her from torturing Harry?

That there is a weapon in the Forbidden Forest.

7. What does Hermione do that alerts the centaurs to their presence in the forest?

She makes a lot of noise as she stumbles through the forest. 

8. Who saves Harry and Hermione when the centaurs become angry with them?


9. What draws the thestrals to Harry and his friends precisely when they need transportation to London?

Thestrals are attracted to the scent of blood and Grawp is bleeding from arrow wounds received from the centaurs!

10. Why does Harry fail to realize that he’s walking into a trap?

He has let his emotions take over. Unlike Hermione, he is not objective enough.

Answers: Covert Operations under Umbridge’s Regime


How did you do on yesterday’s quiz? Could you keep track of all of the covert ops Harry and his friends ran after Umbridge took over Hogwarts? Check your answers below and tell us how you did in the comments!

1. When Umbridge is unable to trick Harry into revealing his secrets, she threatens him by revealing that the Ministry is doing what?

Monitoring all channels of communication in and out of Hogwarts

2. What happens when Umbridge attempts to counteract the Weasley’s fireworks?

Her stunning spell causes the fireworks to explode even more!

3. What gift from Sirius does Harry use to open Umbridge’s locked office door to talk to Lupin and Sirius?

A magical knife

4. What excuses do Lupin and Sirius provide for James Potter’s terrible treatment of Snape?

James was young and arrogant. Eventually he grew out of those character flaws.

5. After Fred and George Weasley create a swamp in a school corridor, what is their punishment?

Umbridge gives Filch permission to whip them, at which point they decide they’ve “outgrown full-time education”

6. What does Hagrid insist on showing Harry and Hermione during the Quidditch match?

His half-brother, Grawp.

7. Why are the centaurs angry at Firenze?

They believe “he is peddling [their] knowledge and secrets among humans” (OP 698)

8. Why do the centaurs let Hagrid pass despite their anger with him for meddling in their affairs?

According to their culture, harming “the innocent” (children like Harry and Hermione) is a terrible crime.

9. Who is the head of the Wizarding Examination Authority?

Professor Marchbanks

10. What spell does Harry cast that impresses his O.W.L examiner?

A fully-fledged Patronus Charm

Spy Terms:

Mail Cover (n): A request by an intelligence agency to obtain information from a country’s mail service, to examine the outside aspects of an envelope or package, normally without opening the item.

Example: Umbridge intercepts owls delivering messages to Hogwarts students to keep tabs on any potential rebellions.

Black Bag Job (n): a surreptitious or covert entry into a home, office or other location without the knowledge of the owner.

Example: When Harry and his friends sneak into Umbridge’s office to use the only un-monitored fireplace to contact Sirius and Lupin.


Answers: Umbridge Takes Over

Umbridge flees fireworks

Just when it looks like Harry and his friends are at Umbridge’s mercy, they put their spy craft to use to counteract her despotic regime. It just goes to show that thinking like a spy can always come in handy. Check your answers to yesterday’s quiz to make sure you know how to escape your own school’s bad education philosophy! (Just kidding, don’t ever use the Weasley twins as role models).

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1. Just before he escapes his arrest, Dumbledore knocks out everyone except McGonagall and Harry. He then covertly talks to them.  What does he tell Harry covertly?

To continue taking Occlumency lessons

2. When the others start to wake up, McGonagall and Harry do what?

Pretend they were knocked out too

3. How does Dumbledore escape?

By touching Fawkes tail and being immediately transported elsewhere

4. After Dumbledore leaves, what room is Headmistress Umbridge unable to enter?

The Headmaster’s office

5. In order to enforce her new rules and authority, Umbridge create a new student organization. What is its name?

The Inquisitor Squad

6. When the Weasley twins tell Harry when they are going to do a little “mayhem,” what do they tell Harry to do?

Have a solid alibi

7. When the mayhem begins, who serves as Harry’s alibi?

Umbridge – he is in her office at the time

8. When in Umbridge’s office, the new Headmistress tries to get Harry to drink tea? Why?

It has Verituserum in it, and she wants to know where Sirius and Dumbledore are located

9. Right before drinking the tea, who does Harry think about?

Mad-Eye Moody

Mad Eye Moody - Constant Vigilance





10. Harry, like a good intelligence officer, pretends to drink, and when the Weasley diversion begins, he does what?

Dumps the tea into a potted plant so Umbridge thinks he had drank it

Answers: Dumbledore’s Escape

Dumbledore's Got Style

Do you know the answers to yesterday’s quiz? Time to find out!

1. Who has inside information and warns Harry during a DA meeting that Umbridge is one her way to capture them?


2. Harry is ready to admit to Fudge that he had organized the DA when someone gives him a subtle signal to lie. Who gave the signal?


3. When Harry admits to nothing, Umbridge brings in her own spy or informant. Who?


4. When Marietta gets ready to tell Fudge the truth, she doesn’t. Who applied a Memory Charm on Marietta?

Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt

5. Fudge has brought two “enforcers” with him to the meeting. Who are they?

Kingsley Shacklebolt and Dawlish

6. When Marietta lies, what does Professor Umbridge do?

Manhandles her, until Dumbledore intercedes

7. What document does Umbridge produce that “convicts” Harry?

The DA sign-up sheet

8. Who takes the rap for Harry?


9, Who takes down Dumbledore’s confession?


10. Who wants to help Dumbledore fight the others against his arrest, but Dumbledore forbids it?

Professor McGonagall

Answers: Harry Must Not Tell Lies

Luna and the Quibbler

How did you do on yesterday’s quiz? Check your answers here!

1. What time-tested spy method does Hermione use to get Rita Skeeter to interview Harry?

Blackmail- Hermione knew Rita’s biggest secret, do you?

2. Harry interview, which provides an alternative explanation to what the Ministry is saying, is published in what magazine?

The Quibbler

3. What occurs that brings Professor Umbridge over to Harry’s table once the interview was published?

Owls pour in with letter to Harry about the interview

4. What does Professor’s Umbridge do once she sees the interview of Harry in the magazine?

She bans it 

5. What is the effect of Professor Umbridge’s rule relating to the interview of Harry?

Everyone now wants to read it more than ever

6. We find out through a vision during Harry’s dream that someone had put an Imperius Curse on Bode in order to steal something out of the Department of Mysteries. Who used the Imperius Curse on Bode?

Lucius Malfoy

7. Who had given Voldemort bad advice about how to get the item from the Department of Mysteries, and is tortured by Voldemort?


8. Why then was Bode murdered?

Because he was getting better and might have been able to tell the authorities who had placed the Imperius Curse on him

9 When Snape tells Harry, “Yes, Potter, that is my job,” Snape has actually just admitted to what?

That it is his job to find out what Voldemort is telling the Death Eaters, thus admitting that he is a double agent against Voldemort and for Dumbledore!

10. Dumbledore replaces Trelawney with someone who in a way has defected from his prior people? Who is it?



Answers: The Daily Prophet Reveals All

Bellatrix Escapes

Check your answers to yesterday’s quiz! Are you a good enough observer to be a successful spy?

1. Harry “feels” that Voldemort is very, very happy about something, which is front page the next day in the Daily Prophet. What has happened?

Ten death eaters have escaped from Azkaban

2. As Harry and Cho head for their Valentine’s date, Cho observes that unlike when Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban, something is missing. What?

The dementors are not out searching for those who have escaped

3. Being a good intelligence analysis, what does Harry conclude from this fact and from the escape itself?

That the dementors are no longer under the control of the Ministry

4. In the same edition of the Daily Prophet, Hermione discovers that someone was killed by a deadly plant. Who was killed and by what plant?

Broderick Bode, by a cutting of Devil’s Snare

5. Harry had seen the plant but didn’t do anything. Why not?

He did not recognize it as Devil’s Snare

6. Hermione concludes what about the placement of Devil’s Snare next to Bede’s hospital bed?

No one would do this by accident, it was murder!

7. What does Harry mention during his Valentine’s date with Cho that results in making the date go terribly wrong?

That he has agreed to meet up with Hermione later.

8. When Harry finally realizes why Cho is jealous of Hermione he fails to maintain his demeanor or apply situational awareness and laughs at the idea of him and Hermione as “an item.” What does Cho do?

Gets upset and leaves

9. When Harry meets up with Hermione at The Three Broomsticks he first talks to a friend who has perhaps drank too much. Who is it?


10. When Harry goes to sit down with Hermione, what other two people are with her, to Harry’s great surprise?

Luna and Rita Skeeter

Answers: Close Your Mind, Harry!


Did you open your mind enough to remember the answers to yesterday’s quiz? Find out by checking your answers below. Let us know how you did in the comments!

1. As Harry leaves Grimmauld Place to return to Hogwart’s after Christmas break, Sirius gives him a special communication device. What is it?

A two-way mirror

2. What is the mode of transportation back to Hogwarts after Christmas break?

The Knight Bus

3. Who is the driver (who is later arrested by the Ministry on trumped up charges)?

Stan Shunpike

4. Dumbledore realizes through his double agent that Voldemort perceived Harry’s intrusion into his mind when he was possessing the snake. What countermeasure does Dumbledore insist Harry learn to prevent Voldemort from turning Harry into a spy against him?


5. When Harry asks Snape how they know that Voldemort detected Harry, Snape applies the need-to-know rule against Harry, and tells him what?

It is enough that we know

6. Before their special lessons, Snape takes what and puts them away in a secure location?

His memories

7. When Snape is able to see Harry’s memories that he fears, Snape warns Harry about what?

That he is giving his enemy weapons to use against him

8. During Harry’s lesson with Snape he is able to see further along the hallway of his dreams and recognizes where the hallway is located. Which is where?

The Department of Mysteries

9. What is the name of the Weasley twins’ new invention that makes your head disappear?

Headless Hats

10. Why should the Weasley twins be assigned to the CIA Science and Technology directorate?

Because they invent wonderful devices for surveillance, diversions, and much, much more! 

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Answers: Christmas at Headquarters


You’ll find the answers to yesterday’s quiz below. These may seem like trifling details in the Order of the Phoenix, but a good spy knows that you need all of the little details in order to see the whole picture. Let us know how you did in the comments!

1. Kreacher keeps a framed photo of his favorite person in his hovel. Whose picture?

Bellatrix Lestrange

2. What is St. Mungo’s full name?

St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

3. Who transports the Weasleys and Harry to St. Mungo’s on Christmas day, probably in a stolen Muggle car?

Mundungus Fletcher

4. When the Weasleys begin arguing about using human stitches, the children decide to go to the tea room. Who demonstrates his powers of observation by knowing what floor it is on?


5. Name two adults and one fellow student that the children run into at St. Mungo’s.

Gilderoy Lockhart, Neville’s Grandmother, and Neville Longbottom.

6. While in the locked ward, the children observe the nurse delivering a plant to a patient. Who is the patient?


7. What eventually happens to Broderick?

The plant kills him

8. What is the name of the ability to tell what people are thinking?


9. What is the name of the countermeasure to prevent someone “reading minds”?


10. Harry is given a cover story for why he is having lessons with Professor Snape. What is that cover story?

 He is seeing Professor Snape for Remedial Potions

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Answers: The Attack on Arthur Weasley

Arthur Weasley Post Attack

Did you notice all of the spy craft in this action-packed section of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix? Check your answers to yesterday’s quiz to find out!

1. Now that Hagrid is back, in his first lesson he “shows” the kids what creature?


2. Where is Sirius laying low, in deep cover?

Number twelve, Grimmauld Place

3. At the end of one meeting, Harry uses a pretext to hung around and visit with Cho. What is this pretext?

Straightening pillows

4. When telling Ron and Hermione about Cho’s “wet” kiss, he says she was crying. Describe Hermione’s psychological assessment of Cho.

She is conflicted about Cedric’s death and liking Harry

5. Thanks to his unique connection to Voldemort, Harry is able to secretly observe something in his dream. What does he see?

a large snake attacking Mr. Weasley

6. What is the snake’s name?


7. Dumbledore acts as an intelligence analyst and interrogates Harry about what he saw and what was his perspective , and determines what?

That Harry saw the attack real time from the snake’s point of view

8. What unique form of communication does Dumbledore use in his office to find the injured Mr. Weasley?

Former headmaster portraits

9. Once Mr. Weasley is at St. Mungo’s, he makes a decision to protect his sources and methods. What is that decision?

  He does not allow the Weasleys to go immediately to St. Mungo’s

10. Who and what are the source and method Dumbledore is protecting?

Harry, and his ability to read the Dark Lord’s thoughts and see what he sees

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! – Answers to Trivia

Daniel Radcliffe DH2 Premier

Check your answers to the trivia from earlier today. Don’t forget to wish Dan a happy birthday on Twitter or donate to one of his favorite charities!

1. How tall is Daniel?

5′ 6″ 

2. He has decided that his height does not bother him. Why?

“I used to be self-conscious about my height but then I thought, f*ck that, I’m Harry Potter.” – Dan

3.  What is his favorite dessert?

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce

4. Which Harry Potter book is Daniel’s favorite?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

5. What charities does Dan support?

Demelza House Children’s Hospice and The Trevor Project.

6. What do his parents do?

His father, Alan, is a literary agent and his mother, Marcia, is a casting agent. Both acted as children

7. Is he open to reprising his role as Harry?

He’s said “[It is] very doubtful. I think 10 years is a long time to spend with one character.”

8. Dan is also a writer. What did he have published in 2007?

He published a series of poems under the pen name “Jacob Gershon”

9. Where does he live now?

West Village in lower Manhattan

10. What are some of Dan’s current projects?

What If, Horns, Frankenstein, Train Wreck, Gold. (Find more info about each of these at

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