Answers: Secret Societies in Deathly Hallows Part II

Battle of Hogwarts2

We posted a quiz yesterday about the covert operations and secret societies in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. STOP right here if you haven’t seen it! If you have already seen the questions, then read on to check your answers!

1. What is the name of the rogue radio program that conveys information about the resistance?


2. Who hosted the rogue radio program?

Lee Jordan and Fred Weasley

3. Who sent Dobby to assist Harry, Ron, and Hermione when they were caught by Snatchers?

Aberforth Dumbledore

4. How did the resistance get in and out of Hogwarts in preparation for the battle?

Through the Hog’s Head Tavern using a passageway behind a portrait of Ariana Dumbledore

5. What code was used to alert the resistance that Harry Potter had returned to Hogwarts?

Lightning has struck at Hogwarts!

6.  How did Ron know the password to the Chamber of Secrets?

Harry talks in his sleep. (Note to self: be sure you do not reveal top secret information without knowing it!)

7. What spell does McGonagall use to enlist the help of Hogwarts’ stony guards?

Pier Locomotor

8. Where is the Ravenclaw diadem hidden?

In the Room of Requirement (where else?)

9. Who returns from the dead to help Harry face his own death at Voldemort’s hands?

James and Lily Potter, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black

10.  Which Death Eater family decides not to fight in the final Battle?

The Malfoys make their getaway in the heat of the battle after Harry reveals he’s still alive.

Comment below with you score! 

Answers: Harry Potter’s Christmas

Hogwarts Christmas

In the spirit of the holidays, we created a Christmas-themed Harry Potter quiz! Check your answers now!

1. What color sweater did Mrs. Weasley knit Harry in book 1?


2. Harry has his first kiss with whom under the mistletoe?

Cho Chang

3. How many Christmas trees does Hagrid put up in the Great Hall?


4. What vegetable did the Weasley children throw at Percy when he brought the minister to Weasley family Christmas in book 6?


5. Where did Harry and Hermione spend Christmas in Book 7?

The Forest of Dean

6. Who did Harry, Ron, and Hermione run into on Christmas Day at St. Mungo’s in Book 5?

Neville Longbottom

7. What disguise does Harry adopt on Christmas Day in book 2?

He uses Polyjuice potion to become Vincent Crabbe

8. What did Harry receive from the Dursleys for Christmas in book 2?

A toothpick

9. Which St. Mungo’s patient received a disguised Devil’s Snare as a Christmas present?

Broderick Bode

10. What special event was held on Christmas day in Harry’s fourth year?

The Yule Ball

How did you do? Do you incorporate any Harry Potter-related traditions in YOUR Christmas festivities? 

Answers: Real Life Wizard Spy Gadgets!


Think you guessed which wizard spy gadgets are available for muggle use? Read on for the right answers!

1. The Invisibility Cloak Fact

On September 25th, University of Rochester physics professor John Howell and graduate student Joseph Choi announced a real-life, affordable invisibility “cloak.” However, the muggle version of Harry’s famous cloak is not quite wearable since it’s made out of a series of lenses. Read more here! 

Researchers at Duke University have made a wearable cloak that only has a few minor flaws. Check out this demonstration video!

2. Hermione’s DA Coins FACT

People have used coins to pass covert messages for years! The International Spy Museum has an American nickel on display with a hollow core in which to hide a message and the Polish spy Colonel Kuklinski communicated by a Discus, a small electronic device that sent out a burst of encrypted information to a Warsaw station.

3. Sneakoscope FICTION

Unfortunately, even with all of our spy technology, there is no one device that can alert its owner to dishonesty or “sneakiness” nearby!

4. Veritaserum FACT – Sort of

Although declassified documents have revealed that the CIA used chemicals to convince people to reveal the “truth.” However, it’s not clear whether truth serums always convince people to reveal their secrets. Anything “discovered” using muggle veritaserum must be validated by other sources.

5. Owl post FACT

Muggles have not necessarily used owls to send their most important notes, but they have used pigeons! The Pigeon Post was an essential communication method throughout World Wars I and II. JK Rowling was spot on with her owl post!

Answers: Diplomacy in the Wizarding World

Bill and Fleur

Diplomacy at it’s very best!


Diplomacy, as we pointed out yesterday, is VERY important to spy craft whether you’re a muggle or a wizard. Did you pick up on all of these examples of diplomacy in the Harry Potter series?

1. What event does Dumbledore go to great lengths to host that could be considered a gesture of diplomacy?

The Triwizard Tournament. We learn at the beginning of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that “The Triwizard Tournament was first established some seven hundred years ago as a friendly competition between the three largest European schools of wizardry….it was generally agreed to be a most excellent way of establishing ties between young witches and wizards of different nationalities”

2. What two relationships suggest that Dumbledore’s event was successful?

Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour


Madame Maxine and Hagrid

3. How does Hermione establish herself as an excellent diplomat early on?

Her work with S.P.E.W demonstrates that she understood from an early age that bad relationships between wizards and house elves would prove problematic in the future.

4. What convinces the centaurs to join the fight against Voldemort?

Hagrid shames them into acting –

“‘BANE!’ Hagrid’s unexpected bellow nearly forced Harry’s eyes open. ‘Happy now, are yeh, that yeh didn’ fight, yeh cowardly bunch o’ nags? Are yeh happy Harry Potter’s — d-dead..?’ (DH 728).

5. When does Fudge visit the muggle British prime minister?

– When the new muggle prime minister is elected

– When Sirius Black escapes Azkaban

– When the death eaters storm the Quidditch World Cup

– When there is a mass breakout from Azkaban

– When He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has returned

– Fudge reveals that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is wreaking havoc

– When Fudge admits he is no longer the Minister of Magic.

Note to self: Be sure you talk to your allies when things are going well AND when they are going poorly… otherwise they are liable to get a little frustrated!

Answers: Undercover in Harry Potter

Barty Crouch JR. Peter Pettigrew Transforms Arabella_FiggLucius and Cornelisu

Could you name all of these undercover agents in the Harry Potter series? If so, you just might be observant enough to be a spy yourself!

1. She might be considered a sleeper agent because she is introduced in book 1 and not revealed as a spy until book 5.

Mrs. Figg

She broke her leg in book 1, which meant that 11 year old Harry Potter got to go to the zoo for Dudley’s birthday. In book 5, she appeared out of nowhere when Dementors descended on Privet Drive. There was much more than met the idea with this batty old woman!

2. He’s assigned to track down Sirius Black, but he seems to be pretty bad at his job.

Kingsley Shacklebolt

He always seems to be Cornelius’ Fudge’s right hand man. That is, until he sits down to dinner across from a known fugitive and greets him like an old friend. Shacklebolt balanced his job at the Ministry with his support of the Order quite well, don’t you think?

3. He uses his family’s wealth to insert himself in the Ministry of Magic

Lucius Malfoy

Hard to be entirely undercover when your bratty kid brags about your political bribes at school. Nevertheless, Lucius Malfoy just bides his time throughout the series, waiting until the Dark Lord returns and gives him even more power in the Ministry.

4. He is more of a diplomat than a spy when he attempts to win over a whole magical species.

Rubeus Hagrid

Although Hagrid and his stunning girlfriend, Madame Olympe Maxime, tower over most of their colleagues, they were pretty tiny compared to the giants they tried to recruit on behalf of the Order. Despite their gifts and common heritage, Hagrid and Maxime were unsuccessful in their diplomatic mission.

5. This creature changes sides more than once in response to the treatment he receives at the hand of his various masters.


Yes, he’s spiteful and hateful and bitter. But look who he’s had to serve his whole life! He is almost entirely responsible for Sirius’ death, but Hermione is quick to realize that the old house elf just needs a little kindness to change allegiances and help the Order rather than the Dark Lord.

6. This man spent thirteen years undercover with the Weasleys.

Peter Pettigrew

13 years as a rat is not nearly long enough for a man whose cowardice resulted in the deaths of James and Lily Potter. However, he’s the only undercover agent to maintain such an elaborate disguise and cover story for so long! So, kudos for cowardice?

7. He may win the award for most elaborate disguise used by a spy in the Harry Potter series — he may also qualify for the insanity plea!

Barty Crouch Jr.

He’s a nut job, no two ways about it. He was willing to drink Polyjuice Potion constantly for nearly 9 months just to get Harry Potter to touch a portkey in the middle of an elaborate labyrinth.

8. She kept her special talent hidden so she could get the best scoop on a scandalous piece of gossip!

Rita Skeeter

This journalist took the whole “I wish I could be a fly on the wall for THAT conversation” a little too seriously. As an unregistered insect animagus, Skeeter could get any of the information she wanted just by waiting patiently to eavesdrop on the right conversation.

Answers: Counterintelligence in the Harry Potter Series

Marauders Map

Check your answers to yesterday’s quiz! How much do YOU know about counterintelligence in the Harry Potter series?

1. What magical object, introduced in Prisoner of Azkaban, does Harry Potter consistently use to track people’s movements – enemies and friends alike?

The Marauder’s Map

2. How do members of the D.A. know who tattled on them?

Hermione jinxed the D.A. signup sheet so that if anyone revealed their secret the word SNEAK would appear across his or her face.

3. What device does Dumbledore have in his office that allows him to research Voldemort’s past and future plans?

The Pensieve

4. What magical device will reveal if someone nearby is being dishonest?


5. How does Voldemort ensure that Wormtail can never switch sides again?

The hand he gives Wormtail in reward for the sacrificing his own to bring Voldemort back to life is bewitched to turn on its owner at the first sign of disloyalty. 

6.  What does Mad Eye Moody use to keep an eye on enemies?

His Foe Glass!

We will have a special guest blog this Thursday! Stay tuned for more info!

Answers: Misdirection, Deception, and Disguises

Mcgongall Cat

Did you find the answers to these questions about Misdirection, Deception, and Disguises in the Harry Potter series? Time to find out!

1. Why doesn’t the Elder Wand work for Voldemort the way he wants it to?

Voldemort believes he disarmed the Elder Wand’s previous owner by stealing the wand from Dumbledore’s tomb. However, Harry disarmed Dumbledore shortly before his death, making Harry the wand’s master. 

2. How does Harry mislead both Ron and Hermione before Ron’s spectacular performance at a Quidditch match in the Half Blood Prince?

He convinces Ron — and even Hermione — that he’s slipped Felix Felicis or “liquid luck” into Ron’s drink. Ron’s confidence makes him perform well despite his lack of luck.

3. How does Hermione mislead Umbridge when the evil Headmistress is about to punish every member of the DA for their clandestine activities?

Hermione pretends to break down and confess that the DA has been creating a weapon for Dumbledore in the Forbidden Forest.

4. Who is the very first person in the Harry Potter series to appear in disguise?

Professor McGonagall appears as a cat in the very first chapter of Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone!

5. What DA member is in disguise in the Hog’s Head during the first DA meeting?

Mundungus Fletcher