The Duped Spy

On a Fool’s Errand: Katie Bell and Bode’s Nurse

Katie Bell Cursed

The last type of spy we would like to discuss is the person who is being used or has been duped. Two examples in the Harry Potter series are Katie Bell, who agrees to deliver the cursed necklace to Professor Dumbledore, and Bode’s nurse, who delivers the lethal plant to Bode’s bedside.

There are numerous ways to get information by trickery and deceit, but good ol’ unabashed friendliness works too. For example, go up to somebody and ask, “Didn’t I go to high school with you? Well, aren’t you from such and such town?” Most of the time you will end up in a conversation in which you will be able to determine that person’s name, where he or she grew up, what that person is doing in town, his or her profession, and even a listing of family members!

People love to talk about themselves, so let them!

When we say that these individuals have been duped, we say so in the nicest way possible. The best spies do not look upon others with condescension or arrogance, but instead generally enjoy people, listening to them, and learning about their lives. Listening closely to people and showing a genuine interest will open more doors than Sirius’s famous knife!

One of the most important traits of a spy is the ability to listen carefully and to appear to show genuine interest in the person to whom you are speaking.

Katie Bell Analysis

Recruitment by: Draco Malfoy used the Imperius Curse on Rosmerta, who then asked Katie to deliver the package to Dumbledore

Incentive Used: Doing someone a favor

Handler: Rosmerta, at the request of Draco Malfoy

Method of Communication: Through Rosmerta in the Three Broomsticks

Memorable Quotes:

Leanne: “She came back from the bathroom in the Three Broomsticks holding it, said it was a surprise for somebody at Hogwarts and she had to deliver it. She looked all funny when she said it. . . . Oh no, oh no, I bet she’d been Imperiused and I didn’t realize!” (HBP 251).

Dumbledore: “So poor Rosmerta was forced to lurk in her own bathroom and pass that necklace to any Hogwarts student who entered the room unaccompanied?” (HBP 589).

Bode’s Nurse Analysis

Recruitment by: Probably just a person leaving a “gift,” and the nurse was just “doing her job”

Incentive Used: Doing someone a favor

Handler: Voldemort, through a Death Eater

Method of Communication: Something simple and ordinary, like a note attached to the “delivery”

Memorable Quote:

Hermione: “I don’t think anyone could put Devil’s Snare in a pot and not realize it tries to kill whoever touches it” (547).

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