Answers: Harry Potter’s Christmas

Hogwarts Christmas

In the spirit of the holidays, we created a Christmas-themed Harry Potter quiz! Check your answers now!

1. What color sweater did Mrs. Weasley knit Harry in book 1?


2. Harry has his first kiss with whom under the mistletoe?

Cho Chang

3. How many Christmas trees does Hagrid put up in the Great Hall?


4. What vegetable did the Weasley children throw at Percy when he brought the minister to Weasley family Christmas in book 6?


5. Where did Harry and Hermione spend Christmas in Book 7?

The Forest of Dean

6. Who did Harry, Ron, and Hermione run into on Christmas Day at St. Mungo’s in Book 5?

Neville Longbottom

7. What disguise does Harry adopt on Christmas Day in book 2?

He uses Polyjuice potion to become Vincent Crabbe

8. What did Harry receive from the Dursleys for Christmas in book 2?

A toothpick

9. Which St. Mungo’s patient received a disguised Devil’s Snare as a Christmas present?

Broderick Bode

10. What special event was held on Christmas day in Harry’s fourth year?

The Yule Ball

How did you do? Do you incorporate any Harry Potter-related traditions in YOUR Christmas festivities? 

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