Quiz: Padfoot is in Danger!

Voldemort torturing Sirisu

Although Harry has become quite the spy over the course of Order of the Phoenix. However, when he dreams that Sirius is being tortured by Voldemort, caution flies out the window and all he can do is plan a rescue mission. Thankfully, he has a group of friends by his side willing to fight for him! Can you answer the trivia questions below about this high-stakes moment in the fifth Harry Potter book?

1. Who concludes that Umbridge fired Hagrid at night in order to avoid another scene like the one following her dismissal of Professor Trelawney?

2. What does Kreacher tell Harry when asked about Sirius’ whereabouts?

3. What alerts Umbridge that Harry and his friends have infiltrated her office?

4. What does Harry tell Snape in order to communicate that he believes Sirius is in danger?

5. What spell does Umbridge nearly use to get information out of Harry?

6. What does Hermione tell Umbridge to stop her from torturing Harry?

7. What does Hermione do that alerts the centaurs to their presence in the forest?

8. Who saves Harry and Hermione when the centaurs become angry with them?

9. What draws the thestrals to Harry and his friends precisely when they need transportation to London?

10. Why does Harry fail to realize that he’s walking into a trap?


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