Quiz: Covert Operations Under Umbridge’s Regime

Mcgonagall scolds Umbridge

Harry, Ron, and Hermione have to draw on their whole network of friends and acquaintances to counteract Umbridge’s oppressive regime. Thankfully, she is not well liked, so people are happy to help! See if you can recall all of the trio’s covert operations!

1. When Umbridge is unable to trick Harry into revealing his secrets, she threatens him by revealing that the Ministry is doing what?

2. What happens when Umbridge attempts to counteract the Weasley’s fireworks?

3. What gift from Sirius does Harry use to open Umbridge’s locked office door to talk to Lupin and Sirius?

4. What excuses do Lupin and Sirius provide for James Potter’s terrible treatment of Snape?

5. After Fred and George Weasley create a swamp in a school corridor, what is their punishment?

6. What does Hagrid insist on showing Harry and Hermione during the Quidditch match?

7. Why are the centaurs angry at Firenze?

8. Why do the centaurs let Hagrid pass despite their anger with him for meddling in their affairs?

9. Who is the head of the Wizarding Examination Authority?

10. What spell does Harry cast that impresses his O.W.L examiner?

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