Quiz: Umbridge Takes Over

Inquisitorial Squad

Things begin to look grim when the Ministry attempts to arrest Dumbledore and officially take over Hogwarts. However, if you were paying attention you know that Harry and his friends rely on their spy craft to keep up their resistance despite losing their biggest ally. Take this quiz to find out just how observant you were! Answers will be posted here tomorrow!

1. Just before he escapes his arrest, Dumbledore knocks out everyone except McGonagall and Harry. He then covertly talks to them.  What does he tell Harry covertly?

2. When the others start to wake up, McGonagall and Harry do what?

3. How does Dumbledore escape?

4. After Dumbledore leaves, what room is Headmistress Umbridge unable to enter?

5. In order to enforce her new rules and authority, Umbridge create a new student organization. What is its name?

6. When the Weasley twins tell Harry when they are going to do a little “mayhem,” what do they tell Harry to do?

7. When the mayhem begins, who serves as Harry’s alibi?

8. When in Umbridge’s office, the new Headmistress tries to get Harry to drink tea? Why?

9. Right before drinking the tea, who does Harry think about?

10. Harry, like a good intelligence officer, pretends to drink, and when the Weasley diversion begins, he does what?


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