Quiz: Harry Must Not Tell Lies

Frazzled Umbridge

Personally, I’ve never been happier to see someone upset.

We hope all of you who attended our book launch this weekend had a blast! For those of you who couldn’t make it, never fear! Our trivia and blog content will continue. Feel free to pose your questions to the authors or buy the book for even more info about the spies in Harry Potter!

In the meantime, try our next quiz! Answers will be posted tomorrow as usual.

1. What time-tested spy method does Hermione use to get the former reporter to interview Harry?

2. Harry” interview, which provides an alternative explanation to what the Ministry is saying, is published in what magazine?

3. What alerts Professor Umbridge that Harry and his friends are up to something?

4. What does Professor’s Umbridge do once she sees the interview of Harry in the magazine?

5. What is the effect of Professor Umbridge’s rule regarding to Harry’s interview?

6. We find out through a vision during Harry’s dream that someone had put an Imperius Curse on Bode in order to steal something out of the Department of Mysteries. Who used the Imperius Curse on Bode?

7. Who had given Voldemort bad advice about how to get the item from the Department of Mysteries, and is tortured by Voldemort?

8. Why then was Bode murdered?

9. When Snape tells Harry, “Yes, Potter, that is my job,” Snape has actually just admitted to what?

10. Dumbledore replaces Trelawney with someone who in a way has defected from his prior people? Who is it?

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