The Leaky Diary: Day 4

IMG_0860[1] Just in case you haven’t read The Leaky Diary: Day 1The Leaky Diary: Day 2,  or The Leaky Diary: Day 3, my name is Kelsey and I got the chance of a lifetime to attend LeakyCon in Orlando Florida with Harry Potter and the Art of Spying authors Lynn Boughey and Peter Earnest. This is my Leaky Diary where I explore some of my favorite parts of the experience, give some vacation advice to those interested in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and thank all of the wonderful people that made the trip a fantastic success!* *Unlike Tom Riddle’s Diary, the goal of this blog series is not to convince you to open a secret chamber, kill a bunch of students, or do anything equally nefarious. I just want to tell my story. Still, as Arthur Weasley says, “never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.”

Today I want to talk about the MuggleNet Scavenger Hunt and the cosplay sightings that really made my weekend. LeakyCon is all about meeting other people and sharing the Harry Potter experience, so both the scavenger hunt and the cosplayers were essential.

Mugglnet had an exhaustive scavenger hunt that sent players to booths all over the marketplace. The second question was: “Find the secret word/riddle at the Harry Potter and the Art of Spying Booth” Now, if you’ve been following our blog, you may guess what that secret word is. If not, check out this Crack the Code blog post to find the word and the role it plays in the Harry Potter series. I really enjoyed helping everyone solve the riddle, and I think the authors did too! Kelsey 570 We also did some serious role playing , as I’m sure you noticed in the first photo above. Snape killed Dumbledore as McGonagall looked on with her usual stern expression. You should have seen the crowd that gathered to watch the reenactment! Snape and McGonagall were very good sports about the whole thing, too. Kelsey 603 Now, as you probably know by now, those of us working on Harry Potter and the Art of Spying are firmly convinced that Severus Snape was the best double agent EVER. Rita Skeeter’s interviews with his headmaster portrait reveal his personal experiences working for both sides during the years leading up to the second wizarding war. Now, just imagine how excited we were when the legendary Snape impersonator @vladimirsnape debated Snape’s role as a spy with us and then bought a book! Seriously, talking to him was like talking to Alan Rickman, if Alan Rickman were actually Severus Snape. IMG_0865

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