The Leaky Diary: Day 3

Kelsey 577

Author Peter Earnest admiring an official Firebolt owned by an actual Quidditch player!

Just in case you haven’t read The Leaky Diary: Day 1 or The Leaky Diary: Day 2,  my name is Kelsey and I got the chance of a lifetime to attend LeakyCon in Orlando Florida with Harry Potter and the Art of Spying authors Lynn Boughey and Peter Earnest. This is my Leaky Diary where I explore some of my favorite parts of the experience, give some vacation advice to those interested in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and thank all of the wonderful people that made the trip a fantastic success!*

*Unlike Tom Riddle’s Diary, the goal of this blog series is not to convince you to open a secret chamber, kill a bunch of students, or do anything equally nefarious. I just want to tell my story. Still, as Arthur Weasley says, “never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.”

Yesterday, I talked a little bit about how exciting it was to share information about Harry Potter and the Art of Spying with people who had never heard of it before. However, it was also AWESOME to hear from people who had already learned a little about the book or who knew something about the International Spy Museum, which one of the authors, Peter Earnest, directs. The book is exclusively available through the Spy Museum until our launch in early September.

LeakyCon was the first time we got to hear from real people who think that the combination of spy craft and Harry Potter facts is a fascinating concept. And when you hear the words “my friend was fangirling over this book so I had to stop by” from a major Harry Potter fan, you know you’ve got something great in your hands.

Several people had already purchased the book at the International Spy Museum or received it as a gift from family members or friends who visited the museum and knew their favorite potterphile would appreciate the book. One girl had heard of the book because she has recently begun a book review blog and had tried to get an advanced reader copy. The authors were so pleased to sign her book and we look forward to hearing what she thinks of it soon!

Kelsey 560

The blogger in question with her brand new book!


Other people had heard Lynn and Peter speak on Mugglenet’s Alohomora! podcast back in May. I was amazed that so many people recognized the authors after just hearing their voices on a radio show! It was also nice to finally meet the Mugglenet staff who have been SO supportive over the past few months. From reading and reviewing the book to inviting the authors to speak on Alohomora! they have demonstrated precisely the kind of teamwork and friendship that I’ve come to expect of the Harry Potter family.

Thank you MuggleNet for everything! And thank you to all of the LeakyCon attendees who shared their thoughts with us. It was magical getting to hear from all of you!

What awesome Harry Potter conversations  have you had either at LeakyCon, on social media, or with your friends?


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