Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe!

Make A Wish Harry

In honor of Daniel Radcliffe’s 25th birthday, we’ve put together some trivia questions to see how much you know about the Chosen One. Answers will be posted late tonight!

1. How tall is Daniel?

2. He has decided that his height does not bother him. Why?

3.  What is his favorite dessert?

4. Which Harry Potter book is Daniel’s favorite?

5. What charities does Dan support?

6. What do his parents do?

7. Is he open to reprising his role as Harry?

8. Dan is also a writer. What did he have published in 2007?

9. Where does he live now?

10. What are some of Dan’s current projects?


For more Harry Potter trivia, check out Emma Watson’s Birthday Quiz, or our recent quiz about Hagrid in the Order of the Phoenix!

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