Trivia: Hagrid’s GIANT secret



We’re making our way through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with trivia about the spy craft, codes, and agents that pop up  everywhere in the book. Check out the last quiz here or try your hand at naming Hagrid’s GIANT secret.

1. An injured Hagrid returns from his “top secret” mission which he refuses to discuss, but Hermione has already guessed what he was doing. What does she ask him? OP 422

2. According to Hagrid, who is under surveillance by the Ministry of Magic? OP 425

3. Who was on the secret mission with Hagrid? OP 424

4. Hagrid and his partner were being followed by agents from the Ministry. They gave them “the slip” around what town? OP 426

5. What intelligence officer told Hagrid where to find the giants? OP 425

6.  What steps did Hagrid initially take to recruit the giants? OP 428-29

7. Hagrid tries to recruit the giants on their side. What was the leader’s name or title? OP 427

8. Who shows up and ruins their plan? OP 431

9.  Who shows up at Hagrid’s door as he is telling the kids about his secret mission? OP 434

10.  Hagrid provides a very weak cover story about his recent trip. What is it? OP 437

Look up the answers yourself using the page numbers provided or stop back tomorrow for the answers! Don’t forget to comment below and let us know what you think.

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