Answers: Dumbledore’s Army At Work

Dumbledore's Army

Yesterday we quizzed you on the early days of Dumbledore’s Army and the disastrous Quidditch match from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Check you answers below!

1. Cho’s suggestion that they call their subversive organization “Defense Army”  is rejected because it implies what they are doing. Who suggests Dumbledore’s Army?

2. Why do the students decide on Dumbledore’s Army as the name?

It is the Ministry of Magic’s worst fear-Dumbledore is raising an army to go against him
3. Harry decides to start the DA training by working on one basic spell. What is it?

4. Which student thinks the spell is too simple, until he is told Harry has used it against Voldemort?

Zacharias Smith
5. What does Cho tell Harry about Marietta that makes him wonder if she is a security risk?

Her mom works at the Ministry and her parents told her not to do anything to make Umbridge mad
6.  What devise does Hermione come up with to use for Harry to communicate to all the DA members about meeting times?

A counterfeit Galleon
7.  The Hermione’s idea about the fake Galleon reminds Harry of what Death Eater communication method?

The dark mark on their arms
8. What do the Slytherins use at the Quidditch match to conduct psychological operations against Ron?

The song “Weasley is Our King”
9.  How does Malfoy bait his opponents at the conclusion of the match to bait the Gryffindor winners?

He insults Harry’s mother and father, and the Weasley home
10. Gryffindor’s win at the Quidditch match is a Pyrrhic victory? How so?

Harry and George get in a fight with Malfoy and get kicked off the team, along with Fred, who tried to join in

To test your Harry Potter knowledge to the max, try our trivia beginning with the first chapter of Order of the Phoenix by clicking here.

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