Harry Potter Trivia: Dumbledore’s Army Gathers

Room of Requirement

First- Happy 17th birthday to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! The magic began in 1997 and continues today with Harry Potter and the Art of Spying and legions of devoted fans. Now, take our quiz and relive Book 5 of J.K. Rowling’s magical series!

We moved our bi-weekly trivia back a week after discovering a once-in-a-lifetime interview with President Obama conducted by Rita Skeeter. Last time, we quizzed you on Harry’s open code with Sirius, and why the Hogs Head Pub was a poor choice for a clandestine meeting. Now, can you answer these questions about Dumbledore’s Army, Hogwarts’ very own subversive organization?

  1. Who helps Harry discover a secure meeting place for the DA that will fit their requirements?  OP 386
  2. What does Dobby tell Harry about the Room of Requirement?  OP 386-87
  3. The Room of Requirement has a second name that is used.  What is it?    OP 386
  4. The Room of Requirement is on what floor, and behind what tapestry?  OP 389
  5. Harry recalls that Dumbledore had previously mentioned the Room of Requirement when the headmaster needed something.  What did he need?  GF 417-18, OP 388
  6. Why does Hermione, in conducting a risk assessment, decide that the Room of Requirement might be a good idea?  OP 388
  7. What famous map does Harry use to make sure “the coast is clear” before entering the Room of Requirement?  OP 389
  8. What do the kids find inside the Room of Requirement that the DA will need?  OP 390-91
  9. The Room of Requirement has several instruments used for a counter-surveillance.  What are they?  OP 391
  10. In deciding a name for the group, Cho first suggests what name with the letters DA?  OP 392

Stop back tomorrow for the answers!

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