Quiz: Covers, Classified Docs, and Counterjinxes

Educational Decree 24

We’re rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and exploring the spycraft in the book as we go. Join us by trying out quizzes every other Monday! If you want to start from the beginning, go here.

1. What document is created at the end of the meeting at The Hog’s Head that is considered classified and not to be disclosed to anyone?

2. What name do the students choose for this subversive organization?

3. In order to not look too suspicious, the kids leave the meeting in what manner?

4. Educational Decree No. 24 related to meetings and gatherings of students.  Why was it passed?

5. At first the members of Dumbledore’s Army think they have a spy in their midst, but Hermione knows it’s not true because of what countermeasure she used?

6. When Hedwig returns with a message from Sirius, something has happened to the owl.  What does intelligent analyst Harry conclude?

7. What open-code message did Harry receive from Sirius and what did in mean?

8. Sirius tells Harry that the Hog’s Head was not a secure meeting place for the students.  Where should they have met, and why?

9. What is one of the places considered for the DA to meet that is rejected while talking to Sirius?

10. When he’s trying to talk to Harry Sirius has to leave the fire because his cover is blown.  How do we know this?

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the answers!


One comment on “Quiz: Covers, Classified Docs, and Counterjinxes

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