Exclusive Rita Skeeter Interview with the Authors of Harry Potter and the Art of Spying!



Art of Spying Authors

RITA SKEETER:  Hello, dear readers!

I am sitting here with Lynn Boughey and Peter Earnest, authors of the new book coming out entitled Harry Potter and the Art of Spying.

So, thank you both for agreeing to this exclusive interview.

RS: When does your new book come out?

PETER:  On September 15th.

LYNN: Available at independent bookstores everywhere, and of course on line through amazon.com—

PETER:  —also, Red Lodge Books and Tea is distributing advance signed copies—

LYNN:  —for those of your readers who simply can’t wait that long to get their hands on a copy!

RS:  You too must be SOOOOO proud.  But really, what qualifies the two of you to write such a book?

LYNN:  Well, Peter was with the CIA for thirty-six years and more than twenty years in the agency’s clandestine Service . . .

RS:  Which I suppose makes you a SPY?

LYNN:  Well, yes, actually . . .

PETER:  And Lynn used spy craft tools and techniques throughout Russia when he was researching his spy novel, Mission to Chara—

LYNN:  Now available on kindle!

RS:  Who do you guys think you are, the Weasley twins?  So I suppose you won a bunch of awards and things.

LYNN:  Well, Peter did receive the CIA’s Intelligence Medal of Merit for “superior performance” throughout his career . . .

RS:  Well, fine, but what have you done lately?

LYNN:  Peter has been the Executive Director of the International Spy Museum in Washington DC for the last ten years . . .

PETER:  And Lynn worked for years on Harry Potter and the Art of Spying. . .

LYNN:  I did the initial draft, and then Peter added loads of stuff from the spy world.

RS:  Well, well . . . so there’s something really interesting in your book?

PETER:  Yes, without a doubt.  Anyone who likes the Harry Potter series will love learning all about how Harry and his friends used traditional—

LYNN:  —and some not-so-traditional—

PETER:  —yes, some not-so-traditional tradecraft, as we like to call it at the agency—

RS:  So, did you kill anybody?  My readers are dying to know . . .

PETER: Well, I’m not allowed, really, to . . .

RS:  Or what?  You’d have to shoot me?

PETER:  (His exasperation showing) Well, not exactly . . .

RS: And you, “Mr. Spy Novelist,” what do you do for your, er, “day job”?

LYNN:  I am a lawyer, and taught college-level courses in—

RS:  Let me guess, “The Art of Spying”?

LYNN:  Well yes, in some of my classes, such as the ones in Terrorism, and of course political science, criminal law, international relations, all have something to do with spying to some extent—

RS: Well, all very nice.  So what does this book have to do with Harry Potter, “The Boy Who Supposedly Saved Us All”?

PETER:  Everything.  We go through the fifth book . . .

LYNN:  —The Order of the Phoenix

PETER: —yes, and describe all the trade craft, the spying techniques, that Harry and his friends use . . .

LYNN: —like organizing a subversive organization, learning self-defense, breaking codes—

PETER:  –developing their own codes and methods to communicate—

LYNN:  –using open sources, such as the Daily Prophet—

PETER:  –that type of thing.  Spy craft!

RS:  So you two think that Harry Potter was a good spy?

LYNN:  Well, not bad for someone in training—

PETER:  —but really quite good, all in all—

LYNN:  —though the best spy—

PETER:  —in our opinion—

LYNN:  —was no doubt Professor Snape—

PETER:  —a superb double agent!

RS:  Fine, fine.  So, I just have two more questions.  First, did you just focus on book 5, or do you look at the spying in the entire series?

LYNN:  Great question!  After going through book 5—a chapter-by-chapter review of all the spy craft used in The Order of the Phoenix—we then review all the really important topics—

PETER:  —related to spying, of course—

LYNN:  —using the entire series.  We have chapters on recruiting, types of spies—

PETER:  —intelligence gathering—

LYNN:  —codes and communications—

PETER:  —the press, diplomacy—

LYNN:  —politics, and even ethics—

PETER:  —those type of things.

RS:  Last question.  So, you’ve already admitted to reviewing the entire series in your book . . .

LYNN:  That’s right.

RS:  And you guys must really be into the Potter story, right?

PETER:  Well, yes, it’s quite fascinating . . .

RS:  So you would consider yourselves both “Potterphiles”?

LYNN:  Well, I suppose so, it really is—

PETER:  —a wonderful story, all seven books.

RS:  GREAT!  Thank you.  I have the lead.  And you two, SOOOOOOO much fun.  You should maybe take your book on the road . . .

LYNN:  Actually, we are doing—

PETER:  —just that!

LYNN:  At LeakyCon 2014 in Orlando.

RS:  Lovely, lovely.  I’m sure your moms are sooooooo proud . . . .

3 comments on “Exclusive Rita Skeeter Interview with the Authors of Harry Potter and the Art of Spying!

  1. Hello! My name is Lynette, I’m 16, a college freshman, and the owner and writer of Escaping Reality — One Book at a Time (check it out here! escapingrealitybookreviews.wordpress.com) I currently have over 350 followers, many of whom are avid Potterheads.

    I don’t know if you’re currently accepting requests (and if you’re not, I totally understand), but after reading your blog, and listening to y’all on Alohomora!, I decided to ask anyway. I was just wondering, if you’d be willing to send me a copy of your book to review on my blog. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and am super psyched to read your book. Just contact me via email, and let me know what you think! Congrats on the book! 🙂

    Lynette D

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