Answers: Gathering Intel in the Order of the Phoenix

Top Secret Case File

Want to check your answers to yesterday’s quiz? Of course you do! Keep reading:

1. Why was it necessary for Harry to use a code when writing to Sirius?

Because the mail might be intercepted

2.Harry tells Sirius that someone new at Hogwarts is “nearly as nice as his mum.”  To whom is he referring?

Professor Umbridge

3. When Harry writes that “we are missing our biggest friend” to whom is he referring?


4. The Daily Prophet informs its readers that Order member Sturgis Podmore had been arrested?  What for?

Trying to get through a door at the Ministry of Magic

5. Percy’s letter to Ron telling him not to be friends with Harry includes some inside information about Dumbledore.  What is it?

That he might not remain in charge at Hogwarts

6. letter to Ron also repeats the “party line” about Harry.  What is the party line?

The Ministry of Magic thinks Harry is a bad person and a liar

7. When Harry talks to Sirius in the fire the first time, he tells them that Fudge is paranoid and thinks Dumbledore is doing what?

Setting up his own army

8. For the first part of book 5 Hagrid is in deep cover and incommunicado.  What is he doing?

Trying to secretly recruit the giants

9. In order to maintain more control over the school and create a climate of fear, what position is created for Umbridge?

The High Inquisitor

10. The Ministry issues what type of legal document to change the rules and give Umbridge more power?


How’d you do? Let us know in the comments or continue on to the next quiz! 

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