How Well do You Know the Order of the Phoenix?


Order of the Phoenix

Ready for another quiz? The Order of the Phoenix is a classic secret society and used LOTS of spy tactics in its fight against Voldemort. If you can answer the following questions, you may just know enough to be a member yourself! Answers will be tomorrow.

  1. When one attacks a person instead of his or ideas, it is called what fallacy?
  2. When Harry and his friends first enter the kitchen at headquarters a classified document has not yet been put away.  What was it?
  3. Sirius, when discussing why a certain member of the Order is tolerated, states that crooks “hear things we don’t.”  Who is Sirius referring to?
  4. Members of the Order of the Phoenix give a psychological assessment of someone as having petty jealousies, a fear of Dumbledore, and a desire to retain power.  Who are they talking about?
  5. Spies use manipulation and flattery to get what they want.  Who said in the Chamber of Secrets, “I’ve always been able to charm the people I needed.”
  6. Name the double agent that works at the Ministry of Magic, is assigned to locate Sirius Black, and is actually a member of the Order of the Phoenix?
  7. Kreacher is a known risk but must follow Sirius’s orders to the letter.  What does Sirius say to Kreacher that allows him to partake on a secret mission?
  8. Code-Breaking Time:  What number does Mr. Weasley have Harry enter into the phone box at the visitor’s entrance?  And what English word does it spell out?
  9. Harry shows a spy’s discretion when he is at Mr. Weasley’s office and pretends not to know which member of the Order?
  10. Cornelius Fudge used what simple disinformation to try to ensure that Dumbledore didn’t attend Harry’s trial?
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