For Your Eyes Only: Answers to the Advance Guard Quiz!


Here’s your official debriefing on the Advance Guard Quiz– How many answers did you unearth on your own?

1. Before the security detail takes Harry away, they await an all clear signal.  What was the signal?

A shower of wand sparks

2. Who is the leader of the security detail that exfiltrates Harry from the Dursley’s?

Mad-Eye Moody

3. What does the leader of the security detail rescuing Harry from the Dursley’s have everyone do on the journey on their brooms to make sure they aren’t being followed?

They double-back

4. What “eyes-only” document does Harry read before first entering headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix?

A note from Dumbledore

5. Provide the address of the Order of the Phoenix safe house.

Number Twelve Grimmauld Place.

6. Name the device invented by the Weasley twins to listen in on conversations.

Extendable Ears.

7. What counter-measure is used by Mrs. Weasley to prevent her twin boys from listening with their listening device?

an Imperturbable Charm

8. What does Ginny Weasley use to determine if Mrs. Weasley’s counter-measure is being used?


9. Which member of the Weasley family in the fifth book totally accepts the Ministry of Magic’s party line?

Percy Weasley

10. What publication spent the whole summer before Harry’s fifth year publishing a disinformation campaign against Harry?

The Daily Prophet

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