Harry Potter and the Art of Spying

You can find the award-winning bookHarry Potter and the Art of Spying, at independent bookstores like The International Spy Museum Bookstore (Washington,DC), Hooray for Books (Alexandria, VA),  Red Lodge Books, (Red Lodge, Montana) and Barjon’s Books (Billings, Montana). Also available through Itasca Books and Amazon.


Harry Potter and the Art of Spying, by Lynn M. Boughey and Peter Earnest

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Trivia                                     3-31-14, 4-14-14, 4-21-14, 4-28-14, 5-12-14, 5-26-14, 6-9-14, 6-30-14, 7-14-14, 7-22-14, 7-27-14, 8-11-14,                                                                         8-18-14, 8-25-14

Breaking Codes                     5-5-14, 5-19-14, 6-2-14, 6-16-14, 7-7-14

Spy Terms                             6-19-14

Literary References              3-25-14, 5-22-14, 5-29-14, 6-5-14, 6-12-14

Shakespeare                           3-25-14

Rita Skeeter Interviews                Snape:  4-17-14, 4-24-14, 5-8-14 President Obama: 6-23-14

Rita Skeeter Interview of Authors    5-15-14

Snape as a Double Agent      11-28-13

Dumbledore Debriefs           3-11-14, 3-18-14

Pensieve & Spy Craft             4-10-14

Harry Potter Holidays     6-26-14 (Emma Watson’s Birthday), 7-23-2014 (Daniel Radcliffe’s Birthday)

The Spies in Harry Potter 7-3-14, 7-17-14, 8-14-14, 8-28-14

The Daily Prophet and Spy Craft 7-9-14, 7-24-14, 8-21-14

The Leaky Diary Entries 8-5-14, 8-6-14, 8-7-14, 8-8-14, 8-9-14

Blogs by Posting Date


Reflections on One Man’s Motives, Bravery, and Sacrifice


Did Harry Have a Right to Know What Dumbledore Knew (or Suspected)?        

Dumbledore’s Earliest Debriefs with Harry: Revelations from Harry Potter Books 2 & 3  

Death, Dreams, and Prophecies: How J.K. Rowling paid Homage to the Bard       

Monday Madness: Harry Potter Trivia (11-48)        


The Pensieve as an Intelligence Analyst Tool  

How Well do You Know the Order of the Phoenix (OP 74-139)?          

Happy Birthday Emma Watson!

For Your Eyes Only: Answers to Order of the Phoenix Quiz (OP 74-139)!      

Long Lost Interview with Severus Snape Found by the Art of Spying Authors!    

Quiz: The Hearing at the Ministry of Magic (OP 137-194)    

Top Secret: Answers to The Hearing at the Ministry of Magic (OP 137-194)           

New Rita Skeeter Exclusive: Snape Claims He Dedicated His Life to Protecting Harry Potter        

Back to Hogwarts: A Harry Potter Quiz (OP 207-280)    

Answers to Back to Hogwarts Quiz (OP 207-280)      


Break the Code: Mirror Images (SS 207)!  

Final Rita Skeeter Exclusive Interview of Snape: All for Lily      

Monday Trivia: Gathering Intel in Order of the Phoenix (OP 278-307)    

Answers: Gathering Intel in the Order of the Phoenix (OP 278-307)            

Exclusive Rita Skeeter Interview with the Authors of Harry Potter and the Art of Spying!  

Break the Code: Alphanumeric Codes (OP 125, 768)!        

Literary References in Chapter Titles of Harry Potter and the Art of Spying (1-8) 

Quiz: The Birth of Dumbledore’s Army (OP 307-342)      

Answers: The Birth of Dumbledore’s Army (OP 307-342)    

More Literary References in Harry Potter and the Art of Spying Chapter Titles (10-19) 


Break the Code: Decipher the Prophecy! (OP 780, 840-41)!        

Hidden References in Harry Potter and the Art of Spying Chapter Titles (21-31)! 

Covers, Classified Docs, and Counterjinxes (OP 346-373)      

Answers: Covers, Classified Docs, and Counterjinxes (OP 346-373)    

Find the Hidden References in Our Chapter Titles (33-54)!        

Break the Code: A Sphinx’s Riddle (GF 629-630)      

A Glossary of Spy Terms- The “A”s Have It!    

Rita Skeeter Interviews President Obama

17 Years of Harry Potter 

Harry Potter Trivia: Dumbledore’s Army Gathers


Answers: Dumbledore’s Army Gathers

The Spies Among Us – Introducing the Spies in the Harry Potter Series

Break the Code: The Cover of Harry Potter and the Art of Spying

The Daily Prophet and Open Source Information

Trivia: Dumbledore’s Army at Work

Answers: Dumbledore’s Army at Work

The Spies Among Us- Patriotism Gone Bad

Trivia: Hagrid’s GIANT Secret

Answers: Hagrid’s GIANT Secret

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe!

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe – Trivia Answers

Check Your Sources: Gilderoy Lockhart and the Daily Prophet

Quiz: The Attack on Arthur Weasley


The Leaky Diary: Day 1

The Leaky Diary: Day 2

The Leaky Diary: Day 3

The Leaky Diary: Day 4

The Leaky Diary: Day 5

Quiz: St. Mungo’s

Answers: St. Mungo’s

The Spies Among Us: Professor Quirrell

Quiz: Christmas at Headquarters

Answers: Christmas at Headquarters

The Daily Prophet and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Quiz: Close Your Mind, Harry! 

Answers: Close Your Mind, Harry! 

A Spy for a Cause: Kreacher (and other house elves!) 


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    Howdy! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading your
    blog posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects?
    Thank you!

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